What are the Best Tips for Armpit Hair Removal?

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There are several common methods of armpit hair removal. Individuals seeking to remove armpit hair for cosmetic, comfort, or athletic reasons have their choice, ranging from temporary to permanent. For short-term results, shaving, waxing, or the use of hair removal creams may be appropriate. For longer-lasting and sometimes permanent solution, laser hair removal or intense pulsed light (IPL) may be used, or permanent hair removal may be effected through electrolysis.

Shaving is often the easiest way method of armpit hair removal but it can sometimes irritate the skin. For the best shave, it may be advisable to shave in the shower or right after a shower, while the skin is wet and warm. Scrubbing the underarms before shaving also helps to remove dirt and dead skin that may get in the way of shaving. When using this method, a good, sharp razor and shaving gel or cream should always be used. In general, avoiding the application of deodorant after shaving ca cut down on irritation.


When waxing, it is a good idea to always use warm — not hot — wax to prevent burns from occurring. It may also be beneficial to use only a small amount of wax, which can reduce the chances of skin unintentionally coming into contact with the hot wax. To use waxing for armpit hair removal, wax should be applied in the direction of hair growth. Apply the waxing strip by pressing it down onto the wax, leave the strip in place for a few seconds, and then quickly tear the strip off in the opposite direction to which it was applied. Professionals at a salon will be able to demonstrate the best waxing technique.

Hair removal creams, or depilatories, can be simple to use but are not suited to every person. Always test a small patch of skin with any cream before applying it to to larger or more sensitive areas of the body, in order to ensure that no allergic reaction will result. If no reaction occurs, and hair removal is satisfactory, the depilatory can be applied to the intended area. When using these types of creams, users should always make sure to remove the cream after the recommended time has elapsed, to prevent irritation of the skin.

Laser hair removal and IPL treatments can be performed by professionals or may be done at home for long lasting armpit hair removal. These types of treatments to work best, though, on individuals with lighter skin color and dark armpit hair. Those with darker skin are not advised to use this method because burning may occur and blisters may develop.

Electrolysis employs an electrical current to permanently remove armpit hair. When considering this type of hair removal, individuals should research the process and be prepared for its relatively high costs. When choosing an electrologist, check for proper credentials and licensing, and make sure to schedule a meeting before the treatment to ask any necessary questions. Home electrolysis can be less effective and more difficult to achieve. If opting for home electrolysis, plan to work in an area with plenty of light, a large mirror, and a good pair of tweezers. Washing before the procedure and using alcohol on the necessary tools can also be a helpful solution for preventing irritation and infections.


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Post 3

Hair removal creams work well for armpits too. Cuts, irritation and ingrown hairs are the biggest problems during home hair removal. I've found hair removal creams to be the easiest and safest method. A good exfoliation after removing hair is a good way to prevent ingrown hair.

When I have enough money, I might look into laser treatment because that's permanent. But for now, I will stick to hair removal creams.

Post 2

@SarahGen-- I tried that a few times and it did not work out well. Even though I kept my armpit as flat and stretched as possible, the epilator still got stuck on my skin. That was very painful. It was also rough on my skin and caused irritation and some bleeding.

The skin on our armpits are thinner and more sensitive than our legs, so we have to use hair removal products that are more gentle. Right now I use hot wax and it seems to work fine. I wax after I shower so that the hairs are soft and easy to remove. I again, stretch my arm back and make sure that my armpit is flat during waxing.

I used to shave my armpits but I couldn't maintain that because the hairs were growing back very quickly. When I wax, I only need to do it once every three weeks.

Post 1

Can I use an epilator to remove armpit hair?

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