What Are the Best Tips for Arm Hair Removal?

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One of the best tips, and first steps, for arm hair removal is for the person to choose the hair removal method that will work best for her. There are certain methods of hair removal that work better than others for removing certain types of unwanted arm hair. She must consider the results she wants, her hair type, and even her hair color to narrow these choices. She’ll also want to think about the time and money she has to invest in hair removal and maintenance. Once she chooses a method, she can find tips specific to that method, which include factors like preparing her hair and skin for the removal process as well as aftercare requirements.

Several methods of hair removal exist, and a person can narrow her options by considering arm hair removal products designed to produce the specific results she wants. For example, at-home arm hair removal products like over-the-counter creams, lotions, and waxes can work well for semi-permanent hair removal. At the same time, dermatologists and other skin and hair care experts in her area might provide permanent hair removal services like electrolysis and laser hair removal. Creams, lotions, and waxes exist for temporary hair removal, too, or she might decide shaving is the best method for removing her unwanted arm hair. Once she determines the results she wants, she can then search for products and services that will deliver those results.


Hair removal products that provide permanent or semi-permanent results might work better than shaving for removing thick, coarse arm hair. On the other hand, if arm hair is fine or sparse, shaving might be the best method of arm hair removal. In addition to hair type, a person must think about hair color. For instance, as it grows back, hair that is blonde, light brown, or light red won’t be as noticeable as will hair that is dark brown or black and might not require a method that requires long-term results. Determining how noticeable the re-growth will be might help determine whether permanent or temporary arm hair removal is best, as well as which product or service will be best for that result.

Also, a person must consider the time and money she has to invest in maintaining arm hair removal. Creams and waxes can last longer than shaving, and professional methods like electrolysis can last the longest or produce permanent results. In addition to the length of results each method provides, she should think about the prep time involved and how much each method costs. As an example, a razor or over-the-counter cream might be the best choice for a blonde with thin arm hair who doesn’t have a lot of money or time to invest in a removal method. On the other hand, a brunette with thick arm hair who does have the time or money to invest might want a permanent, and even professional, method.

Once she chooses an arm hair removal method, there will be tips particular to that method. It’s important to follow all related usage and care instructions. Depending on the method, this might include “patch test” advisories, allergic reaction warnings, or even how often to change the blades in a razor. If she chooses from among the professional methods of hair removal, she must be sure to follow all prep and aftercare instructions the dermatologist or other professional provides, which might include avoiding scented soaps and lotions for a certain time period. Finally, she must understand how to handle any negative side effects, such as discontinuing use or visiting a doctor if skin has an adverse reaction.


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