What Are the Best Tips for after Hair Straightening?

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After spending time and money on hair straightening, most people wish to keep it straightened for as long as possible. Hair straightened with a flat iron should not be allowed to get damp, and hair styling products can keep it from becoming wavy or frizzy. Hair bands and hats should be avoided for a few days after Brazilian or Japanese straightening. Periodic touch ups may also be necessary after hair straightening with these types of procedures.

One of the simplest and quickest ways to straighten hair is by using a straightening iron. This device typically only provides short-term results. Generally, this style will only last until the next time the hair get wet or is washed.

Hair spray can be used for hold after hair is straightened with a straightening iron. Shine serum can also be applied to hair that is prone to becoming frizzy. Also, it is important to keep the hair from getting wet after using a flat iron. An individual can use a plastic cap while showering for this purpose.


Brazilian hair straightening is done by using a flat iron on hair treated with keratin and formaldehyde. This type of hair straightening will usually last for a couple of months. A few days after straightening treatments of this sort, individuals should be very careful with their hair. Any bends or kinks must be straightened out with a hot iron. Hats, hair bands, and hair clips should be avoided, and the hair should not be allowed to get wet.

Roughly a few days to a week after hair straightening using keratin, individuals can mostly resume their normal hair care routines. Special shampoos and conditioners that do not contain sulfate or sodium should be used. Also, some individuals choose to wash their hair less often, which can make the treatment last a little longer. Hair will begin to go back to its normal texture a few months after straightening, and a touch up will usually be necessary.

Japanese hair straightening is also sometimes called Japanese thermal reconditioning. This process also uses chemicals and a flat iron. As with Brazilian hair straightening, hair should be treated very carefully. Hair bands, clips, and water should be avoided for a few days after hair straightening. Special shampoos and conditioners, along with shine serum, should also be used.

The results of thermal reconditioning are considered somewhat permanent. New hair growth, however, will be the same texture as before the treatment. Most individuals choose to get their roots touched up about six months after hair straightening.


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Post 5

A flat iron and a protector is the best way to get flat hair. You must use high quality products to keep your hair healthy.

Post 4

How much does it cost for permanent hair straightening? I am thinking about going with the Japanese hair straightening process, but wonder how much money I would be out, and how long I could expect it to last.

Post 3

I spent the money on chemical hair straightening and have been very pleased with the results. This saves me so much time getting ready in the morning. This was the first time I had something like this done, so wasn't quite sure what to expect. I also didn't know if I wanted to spend that much money, but I decided to give it a try.

Once I got used to my hair being straight with such little effort, it is hard to think about going back to the way I used to straighten my hair.

Post 2

There are a lot of different hair straightening products out there, and I feel like I have tried most of them. Using a flat iron is by far the quickest and easiest way for me to get flat hair without spending a bunch of extra money.

I did find a gel that helps straighten my hair, but it still leaves some wave in it. Once I started using a shine serum I have found this is one of my favorite products.

I always feel better after my hair is straightened, but when I can have sleek hair that is really shiny too, I have found that is the best way to style my hair.

Post 1

I have thick, wavy hair and use a flat iron every time I style my hair. After drying my hair I just take strands of hair and straighten them with the flat iron.

Using a high quality flat iron makes a big difference in how long this takes and how straight my hair stays after doing this. I also like to use a coconut oil protector and de-frizzer which helps protect my hair from the heat, and helps keep it straight until the next time I wash it.

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