What are the Best Tips for Above Ground Pool Landscaping?

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An above ground swimming pool is a large structure for any yard. The placement of the pool requires careful planning for landscaping to ensure an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Some good designs include decks, shrubs, patios, and walkways. The key to designing above ground pool landscaping is creating an oasis look by using the pool as the centerpiece for entertainment.

A concrete patio is a beautiful addition to any home. This is especially helpful in above ground pool landscaping. The patio makes it easier for guests to walk from the pool area with bare feet. Patios are typically moderately priced and available in many colors and designs.

A deck is one of the most popular landscaping options for an above ground pool. This deck can be either free standing or connected to the home. The deck makes it easier for guests to enter the pool. It is normally evenly elevated to the pool top. It encapsulates the pool area, creating a large space for tanning chairs, portable grills, and social events.

A grill pit is another above ground pool landscaping idea. The grill pit can be located adjacent to the pool area and creates an ambiance around the pool. Most grill pits are created from either brick or block and are typically installed by professionals. It is important to isolate the pit a safe distance away from the pool, while ensuring it is close enough for socializing.


Any above ground pool landscaping design should include flowers, trees, and shrubs. This is necessary to create a natural look for the pool area. Most homeowners prefer hearty plants that require minimal maintenance. These plants should encompass the area of the pool.

Pea gravel and stone are options for above ground pool landscaping. The above ground pool is normally installed onto a flat, sandy surface. This area can become muddy with rain and water from the pool. By placing pea gravel around the entire pool, guests are less likely to track mud and dirt into the home. This pea gravel can also hold walking stones, which gives it a more professional appearance.

A pool shed is an excellent option for a backyard pool. This shed is designed to store the toys and pool supplies in an area that is confined and organized. Having a pool shed is also beneficial for the winter months. This storage area provides shelter for expensive pool furniture, which extends the longevity of these supplies.


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Post 2

@croydon - You're right of course. It was one of the worst moments in my life when I realized my five year old nephew had fallen into our small, above ground pool.

We had a deck, which led up to the pool with stairs that he could easily climb, but no fencing around it.

Luckily he was all right, because his father had already taught him how to swim, but he could easily have drowned and I would have like the world had ended.

It didn't even take very much to fence off the pool, as all we really had to do was add a short wall around the deck and a gate to the steps leading up.

The deck is

high enough that, with the wall, nothing will be able to get into without being smart enough to get back out again, but it looks quite good as well.

I just wish we had done it sooner so I didn't have that terrible moment to look back on.

Post 1

If you are planning to put in a pool one of the most important features to remember is the fence. Even if you don't have kids, it makes sense to put in a fence, as you never know what could get into your pool. Even animals, like next door's pet, or a squirrel or something else could get into your pool and become trapped or drown.

If you do have kids this is even more important. Not only to prevent them from getting into the pool when you aren't looking, but from accidents.

If they are running too fast, better that they smack into a fence than fall into the water and hit their head. A fence can also prevent

balls or frisbees from going into the water and tempting them to try and get it out.

If you plan to have a fence from the start it will make it so much easier and you can make sure it suits the rest of the garden.

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