What Are the Best Tips for a Straight Axle Conversion?

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A straight axle conversion can be completed for a number of reasons, and there are some helpful tips that can help to ensure a smooth and quality conversion. The first tip is to research the operation fully prior to ordering any parts, disassembling the old suspension or beginning any assembly. Also beneficial to the straight axle conversion is to compare and contrast conversion kits from more than one supplier. Perhaps the best tip in this type of straight axle conversion, however, is to refresh all measurement reading skills. The slightest misalignment in the front axle will result in a dangerous vehicle that may or may not be drivable at any speed.

Researching any project fully prior to beginning the disassembly work ensures a project that is less likely to have any surprises or unexpected problems. This holds true during both the tear down as well as the setup and assembly of the straight axle conversion. Several information-filled books are readily available on the straight axle conversion of nearly all types of vehicle. Often, a small bit of information gathered through research will save hours of frustration and perhaps even the integrity of the entire project. The best conversions are completed by those builders who can draw a detailed picture and create build notes based on research completed beforehand.


Another tip to ensure the best results in a straight axle conversion is to purchase a complete conversion kit. By acquiring all of the components from a single manufacturer, the probability of parts failing to work together is drastically reduced. Some manufacturers create conversion kits for a select few vehicles that include nearly every nut and bolt required to complete the installation. If possible, acquiring one of these kits will commonly reduce cost, frustration and installation time as compared to purchasing all of the components individually from several parts suppliers.

The best tip before beginning any construction project, whether it is a shed, a garage or a straight axle conversion, is to be very fluent in reading measuring devices. The drivability of a straight axle conversion is dependent on a perfectly-aligned axle system. Close-enough measuring will result in a vehicle that is extremely dangerous to drive at best, and it could result in a fatality. Learning to read a measuring device down to the smallest fraction of measurement increments is a critical step in the straight axle conversion process. Following all directions to the letter will usually aid in the conversion of any vehicle to a straight axle setup that offers old-time good looks as well as top-notch performance.


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