What Are the Best Tips for a Personal Makeover?

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Some of the best tips for personal makeovers are those that recommend considering the health of one's hair before making changes to it. Changing one's hair color or style may provide a more significant improvement if the makeover recipient makes sure her hair is healthy as well. Other helpful tips for makeovers involve choosing makeup and hairstyles based on skin tone, facial shape, and body stature.

One of the best tips for a personal makeover is to consider the health of one's hair rather than just the style one wants. If a person wants to dye her hair blonde as part of her makeover, but doesn't take care of split ends first, her new color probably won't do much for her overall appearance. Likewise, if a person is dealing with hair that is overly dry and brittle, taking steps to improve the health of her hair can go a long way toward improving her appearance.


Another good tip for a personal makeover involves the everyday maintenance of one's new look. For example, if a person goes to a professional for a makeover, she may do well to choose a look she can duplicate at home. This way, she doesn't get a makeover she loves and then discover that she has to go back to her old look because she can't duplicate it. In many cases, this means opting for a personal makeover that is a bit of a learning experience as well. Asking for instructions on the application of makeup or the styling of one's hair can translate into a look that lasts.

Tips that recommend considering one's skin tone can also prove helpful for a personal makeover. The professional who provides the makeover should be able to recommend makeup colors that will work well with a person's skin tone. It may prove, helpful, however, for the makeover recipient to have these things in mind as well. For example, if she has a fair complexion with pink undertones, the best makeup colors for her may prove dramatically different from those that are most attractive on a woman with an olive-like complexion with yellow undertones.

Some personal makeover tips also focus on facial shape. The right hairstyle is often not the one that looks nice on a hairstyle model, but the one that matches the makeover subject's face and body shape as well as her height. Cutting the hair to a shorter-than-shoulder length may prove optimal for a person who has a long face and wants to draw attention away from it, while selecting a hair style that is long may prove a better option for slimming a rounder face. Likewise, a person's height may also influence the way a hairstyle will look on her. For example, some makeover professional's assert that very long hairstyles are not the best options for very short women.


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