What Are the Best Tips for a Paraffin Pedicure?

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Before a paraffin pedicure, feet should be clean, toenail polish should be removed, and the toenails should also be clipped and filed. The wax should be melted in a paraffin heater, but a microwave will work just as well in a pinch. Also, essential oils can be added to the melted wax for a pleasant, spa-like experience. A moisturizer should be applied before and after feet are dipped into the wax. After several layers of wax are on the feet, they can then be wrapped in plastic or towels before the paraffin is removed.

The feet should be washed with soap and warm water before a paraffin pedicure. Many people choose to do an at-home paraffin pedicure right after their daily shower or bath. If desired, a pumice stone can also be used on rough areas, like the heels. Some people also prefer to soak their feet in a solution of Epsom salt and warm water.

If there is any nail polish on the toenails, it should be removed with nail polish remover. The toenails should also be clipped. Most people will also need to file their toenails to remove any jagged or sharp edges.


Ideally, the wax should be melted in either a paraffin wax foot spa or a double boiler. If these are not available, it can be melted in the microwave. To melt the wax for a paraffin pedicure in a microwave, it should first be placed in a large microwave-safe bowl. Heat the wax on medium high in 15-second increments until it is completely melted.

Moisturizer should be applied to the feet before the wax is applied. A thick, rich moisturizer will work well. For a natural paraffin pedicure, olive oil can be used instead.

When a person is ready to apply to wax to the feet, she should test the temperature by applying a small dot to the inside of her wrist. Wax that is too hot can result in serious burns. The wax can then be applied to the feet by either dipping them into the melted wax or applying wax with a brush.

Pouring the wax into a large foil-lined bowl and repeatedly dipping each foot into it can make cleanup easy. Some professionals, however, believe that this is wasteful and possibly unsanitary. A paintbrush can be used instead. To apply the wax to the feet in this manner, a paint brush is dipped into the wax, and it is brushed onto the feet.

Several layers of wax should be applied to the feet. For best results, one layer of wax should be allowed to cool before another is applied. When the last layer has been applied the feet, they can be wrapped in plastic wrap and warm towels, which will keep the paraffin warm.

Approximately 30 minutes later, the wax can be removed. Dipping the feet in very cold water will harden the wax, which can help make this job easier. To remove it, the wax can simply be peeled off. The last step in a paraffin wax pedicure is to add more moisturizer.


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Post 3

@ocelot60- Yes, it is safe to use a microwave to melt paraffin wax, as long as you follow the steps in this article. You should also keep in mind that different microwaves heat differently. Some take longer to warm things up, while others will make them very hot, very quickly.

If you have a microwave with a high wattage, you should probably try melting your paraffin 10 seconds at a time instead of 15 seconds so you can be sure that it won't overheat.

Post 2

@ocelot60- I think that the concerns you have about melting paraffin in a microwave is why the article recommends doing this in 15 second intervals. If you keep a close eye on the paraffin, it is less likely to overheat or bubble over in the microwave.

If you decide to try to melt your paraffin wax in the microwave, you might want to cover it loosely with a piece of paper towel. As you heat it for 15 seconds at a time, stay close to the microwave so you will be there to turn it off if any problems do occur. If you follow these steps and use a microwave-safe bowl, I don't think you will have any problems melting the paraffin for your pedicure.

Post 1

I've been wanting to try a paraffin pedicure, but I don't have a double boiler or a paraffin wax foot spa. I'm concerned about using my microwave though, because I'm worried about the wax bubbling or splattering. Does anyone know if it really is safe to melt paraffin this way?

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