What Are the Best Tips for a House Face Lift?

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Giving the exterior of a house a "face lift" by making some changes and improvements can be a great way to increase its curb appeal, as well as add a good percentage to its value. Even homeowners who do not have a lot of funds to invest can create a great house face lift with a little effort. Many people begin with the yard and the landscaping; it is amazing how much a little extra effort adding bushes or flowers to the front of a home, or grooming a lawn can improve the overall appearance of a house. For those with more money to invest, new siding, windows, or an updated front porch or entrance can make a huge difference in a house face lift.

Before attempting any sort of house face lift, it is important to learn whether there are any local restrictions. Homeowners associations sometimes restrict the way homes can look in a certain area; houses in developments, or in conservation areas, may also have specific regulations regarding the colors that a home can be, or the types of plants that can be used. It would be a shame to waste money on improvements that the local government will not allow.


Next, consider the amount of funds that can be invested into the house face lift. Even though certain improvements such as replacing the siding or windows may seem expensive, they typically increase the value of a home so much that it might be worth it in the long run. Updating a front porch, or replacing an entry way with a new door, set of steps and awning, can also make a big difference for a little less money. When considering the design of these improvements, it may be necessary to talk to an architect, or even just to look around the neighborhood for inspiration. Sticking with the "theme" of the house is typically a good idea; for instance, don't try to make a Victorian look too modern, or vice versa.

For those who can't afford major improvements, landscaping is an excellent way to boost curb appeal and do a house face lift. Hiring a landscaper can make the process easier, but most homeowners can do it themselves with a little effort. Bushes or shrubs can look nice along the front of a home, and landscaped flower beds with different types and heights of flowers can look great in the spring and summer. Keeping the yard groomed is important as well.


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One of the least expensive ways to improve the look of your home is to replace the front door. From there, you can gradually improve the rest of the look.

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