What Are the Best Tips for a Halal Holiday?

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A halal holiday is one where the entire family can enjoy a vacation while maintaining Muslim traditions. Choosing the best halal holiday is similar to choosing any vacation location, select a location and narrow down the choices from there based on amenities and cost. Halal holidays are gaining in popularity, but they are still not widespread, so narrowing down the choices will be relatively straightforward. In addition to looking for what you want in a holiday, talk to friends and family members who have taken a halal holiday to hear their recommendations.

Deciding on a location is the first step in choosing a halal holiday. The concept of halal holidays is well-established in the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Turkey, so there are more choices in accommodations in those locations. Countries in the Middle East are just beginning to respond to the halal holiday concept, so accommodation in these areas are not as widespread.


Once the decision on location is made, it is necessary decide what accommodations and activities will be enjoyed on the vacation. Keep in mind that one of the purposes of the halal holiday is to allow women time to enjoy the beach and pool settings without being covered. The beaches are typically divided by a screen and the men and women's pools are in separate areas. While this allows the women to soak up the sun and swim in a bathing suit or bikini, it also means that she will spend this time separated from her husband and older male children. Also, given the difficulty of separating the sexes in open water, she will typically need to cover up before heading into the ocean or sea.

The separation of men and women during activities is not the only reason to consider a halal holiday. Resorts that specialize in these vacations offer dining choices that are halal, or considered proper to eat. While Muslims who routinely eat halal foods can typically make smart choices in dining situations, knowing that all of the foods are prepared according to Muslim law allows the family more flexibility and less stress in their dining plans.

Halal holidays offer other services that make it easier for individuals who practice Islam to enjoy their vacations. Scheduled prayer times, alcohol free hotels and restaurants, and vacationing in an area where others share the same beliefs are all reasons to plan a halal holiday. Any family that typically lives under the guidelines of Sharia law will find the choices offered by halal vacations to be in line with their beliefs.


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Post 4

If my wife is not with me on the beach, then what's the fun? I want her to be in a bikini, but with some privacy.

Post 3

@Mor - It can be annoying, that's true but I think the emotional wear can come from being social among a lot of people who are not following halal, particularly if they aren't sensitive to halal needs.

If you are on holiday with your family, keeping to halal isn't that difficult in any area that offers the option, even if it isn't a halal tailored holiday. After all, your whole family is following it, so they aren't going to be pressuring you to abandon your beliefs, even if only unconsciously.

Post 2

@croydon - It is tough having to work that much harder on your holiday to keep to your rules and traditions though. Particularly when you might find this much easier at home.

I don't follow halal myself, but I have friends who do and they do find it can be emotionally wearying having to miss out on some options because they aren't halal friendly. For example, if we go to a non-halal restaurant.

If you have your heart set on seeing a particular country, by all means don't let the customs stop you. You'll be able to manage no matter where you go. But, if all you want is to relax, I would simply find a halal resort or some other halal holiday option to take that stress out of the vacation.

Post 1

It's getting easier and easier to take a halal vacation in almost any developed country, even if the population is predominantly Christian or another religion. There are Muslims living everywhere and smart companies are catering to their needs, so you just have to figure out how they are able to provide for themselves in the country and follow their lead.

Usually there will be butchers who specialize in halal meat in neighborhoods with Muslim populations. You probably won't want to be cooking your own meals, but these companies can tell you where you should go to eat, as they provide the meat to those establishments.

Activities on the beach will be more difficult, but not every vacation is about being

on the beach. Many cities have a lot of other things to offer and more and more places have women's only swimming options for their pools and gyms, so that the women of your family can enjoy themselves there, while the men go somewhere else.

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