What are the Best Tips for a Garage Conversion?

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Some of the best tips for a garage conversion include deciding on the purpose of the garage conversion before work begins, making sure that there is enough ventilation, and insulating the walls to meet building standards. Installing a door from an internal hallway, if one is not already present, is also an effective way of making the garage conversion appear a genuine part of the home. Other tips include ensuring the garage has a strong foundation and setting a strict budget, as garage conversions can be expensive.

The purpose of the conversion should be decided before any building work takes place. This will help the homeowner decide on the layout and decorations. Common uses for a garage conversion include a game room, a separate dining area, or an extra bedroom. If the garage is attached to the house, then the decoration work should make it feel like a genuine part of the house, rather than a conversion.

Ventilation is a legal requirement for a converted garage if it is to be used as a living space. A window that can be used as an escape route may be required, depending on the layout of the house. Windows are also important for aesthetic purposes. A garage conversion can often be a dark room if no new large windows are added. Installing a doorway to the house is also important, unless the conversion is going to be a separate annex.


If the garage conversion is to be used as a living space, then adequate insulation will also be required. Sufficient insulation must be installed to comply with local building regulations. The walls, roof, and windows all need to be insulated.

When internal walls are added to a garage, the foundations may need to be strengthened. New foundations may also be required if the main garage door is replaced with a wall. A builder should be able to assess the suitability of the existing foundations. Remember that the conversion must comply with all local building codes.

Deciding on a budget is important for a garage conversion. A full conversion can cost a lot of money, but this largely depends on the amount of construction work required. As a general rule, cutting too many corners may result in the garage feeling less like a genuine room. The construction work will usually be the most expensive part of the process, but buying new furniture and decorating can also be a significant expense.


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