What are the Best Tips for a First Cleanse?

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Before starting one's first cleanse, it is very important to visit a doctor in order to identify any conditions that might be aggravated by the cleanse and to hear a medical professional's take on the phenomenon of cleansing. Once given medical clearance, one should prepare for the cleanse by purchasing all relevant foods, supplements, and materials. Then one should read all documentation on the cleanse available. During the cleanse itself, it is important to stay committed and to think forward to all the benefits the cleanse will provide. It is often helpful to plan for the trials of a first cleanse by mapping out the days spent on the cleanse on a special calendar, including notes of encouragement for times of doubt.

A first cleanse should not be undertaken by teenagers or children without sufficient supervision. In particular, cleanses that involve long periods of fasting are inappropriate for teenagers. A teenager interested in a first cleanse should stick to cleanses that involve intake of healthy fruits and vegetables. It is unhealthy both mentally and physically for a child to stop eating for any period of time.


If a cleanse involves anything other than a change in diet, such as an enema or massage, it may be best to have these facets performed professionally. It is difficult enough to go through a first cleanse without having to worry about giving oneself an enema. As a reward for committing to the cleanse, it may be helpful to treat one's self to a sauna or a pleasant spa day.

Being prepared for a body cleanse is a large part of getting through the cleanse successfully. Knowing what to expect at every stage of the cleanse is usually helpful. When using a well-known cleanse, it is often possible to find accounts of other people's experience with the cleanse. Having everything set up in advance can also help a person to stick with the cleanse even when it becomes difficult, because the cleanse will require little work to maintain.

Most people find that a first cleanse is uncomfortable. Hunger may be experienced, and some people believe that the release of toxins into the system causes unpleasant sensations. Preparing for these problems through meditation or a community of support is an important part of a first cleanse. Almost everyone reports that the first few days of a cleanse are frustrating, but once this stage has been passed there is often a feeling of elation.

There are special products and plans available specifically tailored for a first body cleanse. It is not necessary to purchase these kits, but they may provide helpful information about cleansing that will be useful throughout a person's life. In general, there is no reason to adhere to a special program for first cleanses, as any cleanse will work.


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