What are the Best Tips for a Border Patrol Application?

Misty Amber Brighton

Many countries hire border patrol agents to secure their boundaries against illegal immigration. The United States is one country that hires a significant number of these agents. Before being hired to work in this capacity, a candidate will undergo a rigorous screening process that begins with the job application. Accuracy, neatness, and proper spelling and grammar are essential elements of a good border patrol application.

Spelling and grammar are essential elements of a good border patrol application.
Spelling and grammar are essential elements of a good border patrol application.

There are a few things a potential employee will likely want to do before filling out the application for employment. He should read through the job description and qualifications in order to make sure the position is a match for his personal experience and skills. He might also want to contact his references to ensure addresses and phone numbers are still current and accurate.

A border patrol application will typically ask for personal identification data such as name, address, social security number, telephone number, and date of birth. This information may be requested in a particular format, such as last name, then first name, and finally middle initial. Reading the application over carefully at least one or two times can help a candidate become familiar with the requested format. An ability to follow written instructions is typically a requirement of this position, so management may assess who is capable of doing this when reviewing applications.

A work history that covers the last ten years is normally requested. Job seekers should account for all of this time on the border patrol application. Listing volunteer activities or college credits earned during blocks of unemployment can be helpful in establishing good use of one's time, particularly if the activities or education is related to law enforcement.

An application may be submitted electronically. If this is the case, a candidate should save his application on his computer and come back to look at it later. Any errors that were made will probably be more obvious when the application is examined with fresh eyes during this proofreading stage. It can also be a good idea to have someone else look over the application, to check for errors.

If a border patrol application is filled out manually, blue or black ink is usually preferred. Applicants should use their best handwriting or a typewriter to complete the form. Asking a friend to read the application is preferred for a manual application because then the person completing the document can be sure it is neat and legible.

This form to become a border patrol agent is the first step in securing a job with a patrol agency. Once an application is accepted, candidates typically undergo a criminal background check, followed by a written examination. Those who succeed in passing all phases of the hiring process can join the ranks of their fellow officers who are dedicated to protecting and serving their nation by securing its borders.

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