What are the Best Swollen Ankle Remedies?

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The best swollen ankle remedies include giving the joint time to heal while reducing the swelling and controlling pain. It might take several months for a swollen ankle to completely heal so that it can bear normal weight. Ice and elevating the foot usually reduce swelling in sprained ankles. Doctors routinely advise giving tendons time to heal naturally as one of the best swollen ankle remedies.

Some patients might need crutches to limit weight put on the injured ankle. An elastic bandage can also support the joint while the body repairs torn tissues and ligaments. Medication for inflammation and pain are swollen ankle remedies that make the healing process more bearable.

Perhaps the best swollen ankle remedies focus on prevention to avoid injury in the first place. Good walking shoes, especially on uneven surfaces, might prevent turning an ankle. For those in sports, adequate shoes for the sport played may prevent injury to the ankle joint. A person who is physically fit and eats a healthy diet will have stronger bones and muscles and is less likely to become injured from a minor misstep.


Ankle sprains are usually worse a day or two after an accident. Bruising may appear immediately or show up within a few hours or days. After a few days, the blood under the skin might dissipate to the toes or edges of the foot, and the ankle might be red and hot to the touch, a sign of inflammation. Swelling is caused by fluid that builds up around the injured joint, and gravity contributes to the amount of swollen tissue.

Some swollen ankle remedies consist of oils or food products commonly found in the kitchen. One home remedy suggests wrapping the ankle in blanched cabbage leaves, while another recommends finely diced onions as a poultice. Two other swollen ankle remedies use mixtures of either coconut and garlic oil or sunflower and camphor oil to reduce bruising and pain.

A sprained ankle might remain weak for years and be susceptible to future injuries. Some people find that an elastic bandage worn during sports or running gives the ankle additional support that helps keep the foot steady. Exercising the legs to improve muscle tone might also help make the ankle stronger.


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Many people who experience swollen ankles find that most socks are uncomfortable to wear. If they are too tight, socks can also cause swelling in the ankles to get worse. A good tip to follow is to purchase several pairs of diabetic socks to wear until the swelling goes away.

Diabetic socks are non-binding, which means that the elastic in the top of the socks is made of a stretchy, mesh-like material that doesn't fit too tight. They help reduce swelling by not cutting down on blood flow, and they are also very comfortable to wear.

Diabetic socks can be found in the footwear department of most stores. They are also available in some discount shops, and can be purchased in bulk quantities online.

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Though this article focuses on swollen ankles caused by injuries, there are other causes of this condition. Many people experience swollen ankles due to health issues, and some may be serious. For example, heart disease is one major cause of swollen ankles that needs to be addressed promptly by a doctor.

Anyone who is experiencing this symptom not due to an injury should seek medical attention as soon as possible to rule out serious health problems before attempting to use any type of remedy. Once health problems are ruled out, remedies such as getting plenty of rest, elevating the feet, and reducing salt in the diet may help reduce the swelling.

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