What are the Best Strategies for Effective Human Resource Management?

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Human resources (HR) covers all aspects of employee management, such as recruiting, hiring, training, retaining and firing. Within each specific area, there are proven effective human resource management strategies. Since workers are a much-needed resource in any company, successful management HR techniques are required for a productive team environment to occur that can create the profits the firm needs to stay in business. Finding and developing employees takes time as well as money since a HR staff must be paid for; not using effective human resource management strategies can be costly for a business.

Time-saving recruiting strategies include initial job interviews done using a telephone screening. During a phone screening interview, a human resources worker, using notes from the hiring manager, will conduct a conversation with prospective employees. He or she will ask key questions designed by the manager to screen out, or eliminate, applicants who aren't seen as a good fit for the position. This way, the manager's time is saved because he or she will only have a short list of applicants to interview himself or herself in person.


Streamlined hiring processes are another one of the most effective human resource management strategies. The HR department can ensure that all the paperwork needed to comply with the law is ready for each new hire. The quick processing of insurance and other forms means that new workers waste minimal time getting prepared to work and can start being productive much sooner. Ensuring that all employees receive adequate on-the-job training is an important strategy. If workers are unsure of what their exact job role is, or are inept at completing it, this can affect other employees and departments, causing a less productive and more stressful workplace.

Paying for employees to take relevant courses or programs can be one of the most effective human resource management strategies for creating both competent and satisfied workers. Free education allows employees to develop and grow personally as well as on the job. Feeling that the company sees them as worth investing in by supporting their educational goals, these employees are more likely to want to stay with the company rather than quitting to join the competition who isn't offering free, valuable training and education.

Not just creating, but maintaining, a competent work force is a crucial employer strategy. Having high employee turnover is not only seen as a negative to a company's reputation, but it's also an inefficient use of human resources. If a business can't keep its staff, the HR department and hiring managers must spend too much company time trying to recruit and train new employees to fit into the organization.


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Post 3

Sunny27-A human resource program should also adhere to all labor laws. There may be additional seminars that the company has to offer in order to be compliant.

For example, all companies are required to conduct OSHA safety standards meetings.

Most companies all cover potential legal landmines like sexual harassment and diversity training as a proactive measure so that employees and managers alike know the consequences.

The company always has to be ready for a human resource audit which usually includes signed copies from attendees of these meetings.

Human resource management services also include employee benefits. There is usually a benefits orientation and it is usually toward the end of the year when open enrollment opens for health insurance plans.

A benefits coordinator normally explains the changes that have occurred in the various benefit offerings and what the current choices are.

Post 2

SauteePan-I know that there is hr management software that many companies use to generate employee evaluations which is another thing that falls under the human resource management process.

Through the use of the software a manager can issue a self assessment for the employee and then compare that to the manager’s assessment and provide valuable feedback to the employee.

The program allows saving this information year to year so that if a different manager were supervising this same employee, they should be able to pick up where the supervisor left off.

I also know that recruiting and hiring is a large function of human resources and probably the most time consuming.

It is best to not

only to subscribe to job posting sites, but to attend professional trade organization meetings, job fairs and college campuses in order to recruit potential candidates for hire.

You should also have staffing agencies help you with the process especially if the job is hard to fill or highly technical.

Post 1

The human resource management process involves recruiting, training, hiring, firing, adhering to legal standards and keeping documented files on employees, benefits and payroll.

All of these areas are important and often have a single person in charge of each of these functional departments.

For example, HR training and development is in charge of developing training seminars that enhance the employees productivity as well as provide valuable soft skills training.

Sometimes the human resource management solution might require the training department to develop and monitor computer based training software program to ensure that all employees have taken the required training courses.

This type of training is most valuable when the company has a large number of

employees spread out in a large geographic area.

It is also beneficial when the information pertains to something technical in nature like a software upgrade in which the employees would need to learn a few additional things in order to be able to perform their jobs. These types of hr management solutions can save a company a lot of money.

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