What Are the Best Sources of STD Help?

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There are many sources of sexually transmitted disease (STD) help of which an individual may take advantage. Some of the best sources include a trusted doctor or a family planning clinic that provides information about various diseases as well as STD testing, treatment, and counseling. As an alternative, an individual may use a home test kit to check for the presence of some STDs while protecting his privacy. Additionally, there are many health websites that provide STD help in the form of information about diseases and details about methods for treating and preventing them.

One of the best sources of STD help is a doctor the patient can trust. A doctor can help a patient in a number of ways. For example, he may educate a patient on how to prevent STDs. He may also perform periodic testing to make sure the patient is free of STDs. In the event that a patient believes he has an STD, the doctor may provide an infection check. Additionally, if it turns out that the patient does have a disease, the doctor may treat the patient and counsel him about avoiding infection in the future.


Sometimes patients do not feel comfortable discussing these types of diseases with their primary physicians. In such a case, an individual still has options available to him. For example, he may visit a family planning clinic to get information about STDs and learn how to prevent them. A family planning clinic can also provide STD help in the form of testing and treatment. Many also provide counseling for patients who have tested positive for diseases.

An individual may sometimes seek STD help in the form of a kit he can use at home. For example, if a person suspects that he has a disease such as chlamydia or gonorrhea, he may feel too afraid or embarrassed to seek help in person. Instead, he may choose to purchase a home STD kit to check for signs of the disease in the privacy of his home. With this option, an individual mails a sample of his blood or urine to a lab to have it analyzed for evidence of infection. He then calls a hotline to obtain his results.

Health websites sometimes prove to be good sources of STD help as well. Often, these websites include a wealth of information a person can use to learn about the various diseases and evaluate whether he is having related symptoms. Likewise, health websites often provide information about preventing and treating the diseases as well.


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