What Are the Best Sources of Self-Employment Advice?

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Self-employment includes business ownership, sole proprietorship, freelancing, or contracting. The best sources of self-employment advice will vary depending upon the particular information one is looking for. Some of the best sources of self-employment advice for the entrepreneur might include government associations, tax professionals, marketing experts, and like-minded individuals who are currently self-employed.

If an individual is seeking information on starting a small business or sole proprietorship, government and small business associations can often provide a wealth of information. These associations are often listed in local phone directories or can be found through an Internet search. They can frequently provide guidance on planning, marketing, advertising, finance, employment, and legal issues. Other individuals who have successfully opened and operated a small business or sole proprietorship may also be able to provide valuable start-up self-employment advice.

Once a business, sole proprietorship, or freelancing occupation has been established, the self-employed individual may need help with more specific areas, such as marketing, taxes, or financial affairs. Someone with an online business, for example, will find that there are numerous websites and online forums of like-minded people who are willing to assist each other with tips and self-employment advice. Successful business owners, sole proprietors, and independent contractors may be able to provide information for anyone who is just starting out in the self-employment arena.


Legal and tax issues may require professionals knowledgeable in those particular fields. Self-employed individuals are responsible for a number of taxes they would not otherwise be responsible for. Professional accountants, tax preparers, or financial advisors may be able to provide the necessary information and advice a self-employed individual needs about income taxes, self-employment taxes, and other financial concerns. A legal professional can provide necessary self-employment advice about insurance requirements, permits, liability, and other legal issues.

For advertising advice, a self-employed individual may find it helpful to contact marketing experts or advertising agents. A large amount of information about marketing strategies and advertising techniques can also be found online. Other successful business owners, individual contractors, and freelancers will also be able to provide an entrepreneur with valuable information about any marketing techniques or advertising methods that may be necessary to advance and succeed in the chosen field.

Networking with individuals in a particular field can be done easily and conveniently by getting involved in online forums and groups pertaining to the specific field or area in which the business specializes. Joining local chapters of small business associations and other business networking opportunities comprised of self-employed individuals can put the entrepreneur in contact with other like-minded individuals who can share their experiences and advice. Maintaining relationships with these contacts can become a valuable source of information for anyone who is self-employed.


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