What are the Best Sources of Methadone Help?

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Methadone is prescribed to treat severe pain and to help ween people off opiate addictions, such as heroin or codeine. Even though it can be used to treat other addictions, methadone is very addictive itself. Kicking a methadone addiction can be very difficult. Fortunately, there are great sources of methadone help available, such as in-patient detoxification programs, medications, and nutrition.

In-house detoxification treatment is one of the best ways to get methadone help. There are many in-house drug treatment centers available all over the world, offering different programs for just about anyone seeking help with a methadone addiction. The average detox program takes three to five weeks. Extended programs are available, up to six months, for people seeking help outside of getting the drugs out of their system. These programs are designed to help patients avoid relapse by educating them about triggers and how to live a life free of drugs and dependence.


Another one of the best sources of methadone help is a detox program called the Waismann Method of Accelerated Neuro-Regulation. This particular program is located in the United States in Orange County, California, at an accredited hospital. It is a unique detoxification program in which patients are given a light anesthesia that puts them to sleep while medications are administered to get rid of the opiates affecting their opiate receptors. This causes an accelerated withdrawal, taking only hours instead of days. By the time the patient wakes up, he has completed withdrawal and is no longer physically dependent on methadone.

Nutrition is another great source of methadone help. Many experts believe that detoxification is more effective when partnered with nutritional supplements. Methadone blocks the body from absorbing essential nutrients, which is why many health care professionals begin detox by giving patients intravenous nutrition to help the body absorb nutrients. Vitamin C is critical to regeneration and immune health and so should be taken in high doses during and after detoxification. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant that reduces inflammation and protects cells.

Amino and fatty acids as well as protein are all essential sources of methadone help during detox. Methadone inhibits normal neurotransmitter production and other brain functions. A twice daily tablespoon of flax seed oil or hemp seed oil during detox will help restore brain health. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which are greatly needed during detox to regenerate neurotransmitters, muscles, and organ tissue. Eggs, fish, and whole grains are all great sources of protein and amino acids, but stay clear of red meat during detox, as it can make pain and inflammation worse.

Fruits, vegetables, and herbal teas are also a necessary source of methadone help. Bananas, tomatoes, and broccoli are all great sources of essential nutrients needed to clean out the body and support bodily functions such as digestion. Nettles is one of the best teas to drink while detoxing, along with red clover, echinacea, and valerian, as they are great sources of vitamins and minerals. Drinking a cup of chamomile or oatstraw tea at the end of the day can also help with insomnia.


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