What are the Best Sources of Interview Advice?

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There are many different great sources for interview advice, and the sources that work best for someone will typically depend on the type of work he or she is being interviewed for and what resources he or she has available. Online resources, such as blogs, bulletin boards, Internet forums, and chat rooms can provide a great deal of information for someone interested in interviewing as strongly as possible. There are also numerous books that offer advice for job interviews and how to make a positive first impression, usually written by professionals with extensive interview experience. Anyone with relatives or friends who work in management may also want to utilize such resources to gain interview advice.

Interview advice typically consists of recommendations and suggestions for someone to more effectively complete a job interview. Job interviews are usually given by a manager or human resources professional at a company and consist of questions and conversation that often determines whether or not someone will obtain work for a company. Making a good impression and properly answering the questions asked are both vital to successful interviewing. There are numerous resources available that offer interview advice to help someone perform more strongly and successfully during a job interview.


One of the best sources of interview advice is the Internet. There are hundreds of websites that exist to help people searching for employment, and many of these sites also offer advice and recommendations for job interviewing as well. This advice often comes from managers and human resources professionals who interview prospective employees regularly, and the advice provided typically stems from what those people want to see during an interview. The interview advice given can be found in a wide array of resources, from blog posts about a worst interview experience to discussion forums where people share tips and strategies for good interviewing.

There are also many different books written and published solely to provide interview advice. Interviewing for a job is a skill much like any other, and so with practice and some research a person can learn to become a stronger and more effective interviewee. Some of the best sources of interview advice that many people may overlook are friends or family members who work in management or human resources. These people often conduct job interviews and can share horror stories and give advice on what someone should know when walking into a job interview.


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