What are the Best Sources of Hives Relief?

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Some of the best sources of hives relief are cortisone ointments that incorporate analgesic pain relief, and anti-itch creams that may be purchased over the counter. Antihistamines may be a good form of hives relief. Home remedies may also work well for treating hives.

Hives may appear as red and blotchy patches of skin, often with raised spots. Itching and peeling of the skin may also result. Hives inflammation often occurs as an allergic reaction to something that has come in contact with the skin. Consuming certain foods may cause similar reactions.

Homeopathic remedies are a good way to treat hives when other methods cause side effects. In such a case, natural hives relief may be an alternative to oral prescription medications. One such remedy, and a good source of hives relief, is natural aloe vera gel.

Aloe vera may be extracted from the leaves of an aloe plant. This is an inexpensive and all-natural way to soothe skin irritation and cool at the same time. Aloe has natural healing properties and applying the gel directly to areas of the skin affected by hives may reduce itching, inflammation, and swelling. It's important to use 100 percent pure aloe gel. If an aloe plant is unavailable, buying pure aloe gel is the next best thing.


Another good source of hives relief is bathing in a cool oatmeal bath, which is soothing to the skin. Milk bathes also work well. A cool compress made from the solution of chamomile tea may provide soothing relief from dry, inflamed, itchy skin. Some people prefer to apply a cornstarch and baking soda paste directly to the hives irritation.

While most people find relief from hives outbreaks by taking cool baths, an alternate solution would be to take a warm shower. The warmth and steam may be beneficial for relieving itchy skin. In most cases, a patient will have to experiment to find which method works best.

Using essential oils may bring hives relief to some individuals. A small amount of sandalwood essential oil may be poured onto a cotton ball and applied directly to the skin rash for best results. Alternately, almond oil may also bring soothing relief as well. Applications may be repeated several times daily. Herbal remedies such as peppermint or peppermint oil may help hives irritation and reduce skin temperature on contact.

For mild cases of hives, applying a light coating of calamine lotion to the affected area may help. This works by relieving the itch. Calamine also acts as a natural antihistamine. In addition, witch hazel may provide similar relief.


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My doctor told me that a breakout of hives was my body's emergency defense system. If something triggered a serious allergic reaction, like a bee sting or shellfish or antibiotic, all of these specialized cells would react all at once. The blotches and rashes were visible results of this reaction, but it was mostly an internal process. All a sufferer can do is wait for the triggering allergen to leave the system and treat the itching topically.

Post 1

I once had a bad allergic reaction to a prescription antibiotic my doctor gave me for an ear infection. It was a five day regimen, and on the sixth day I broke out in hives from head to toe. I had never experienced such incredible itching in my entire life. My back felt like it was on fire. I couldn't sleep at all, and even wearing light clothing was unbearable.

Of all the hives relief treatment mentioned in the article, calamine lotion proved to be the best for me. I also took the hottest showers I could stand. The hot water seemed to focus the itching on my back, not my arms and legs. Using a medicated spray with a topical anesthetic also worked well.

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