What are the Best Sources for Family Law Advice?

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Family law advice is available from several sources, including lawyers, library research, and the Internet. As laws frequently change and can be easy to misunderstand, it is generally a good idea to seek advice from a family lawyer. If a person has problems affording the cost of a lawyer, he may be able to get free or low-cost legal advice through his local legal aid office or through an attorney who offers free consultations or reduced fee services. In addition, some lawyers and public advocacy groups run public workshops at which anyone may be able to receive good family law advice.

Public and university libraries often have family law books available for reading and check-out. Although librarians are not able to provide legal advice, they may be able to assist patrons in finding books written for laypeople on a variety of legal topics, including family law. If a person decides to use materials at the library, it is a good idea to check the publication date on those materials in order to ascertain whether they are likely to reflect current law. In all cases, people should double and even triple check the family law advice that they receive from books. Reading up on family law can make those seeking advice more fluent in the topic and can help them ask more intelligent questions of lawyers and other family law experts.


There are several online sources of family law advice. Many courthouses, for example, offer self-help sections on their websites. A number of forms and instructions are available on these websites as well as frequently asked questions along with their answers. This information can often be extremely helpful in providing family law procedures in a local area. Other sources of family law advice online include legal reference sites as well as Bar Association websites.

In most cases, it is best to speak with a qualified family law attorney about family law questions. Many attorneys offer a free short consultation during which a person can explain her issue and receive a number of options. They may also be able to answer any questions a person has about family law in his jurisdiction. Some family law attorneys offer their services for free or at reduced rates through legal aid societies or through a Bar Association referral program. Another option is to find out about family law workshops or classes that may be offered through advocacy organizations, social service agencies, or adult education programs. These programs are often taught by family law attorneys who can provide good information about an individual family law situation.


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