What are the Best Sources for Divorce Advice?

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It is always an emotionally painful process when a married couple decides that they need to end their marriage. However, sometimes a clean break is necessary for both people and results in an improvement to each person’s respective situation. In the event that anyone in a marriage comes to the realization that ending it is for the best, it is important that he or she seeks out divorce advice prior to acting. Of course the best source for divorce advice is a licensed divorce attorney, but that may be too expensive of an option for someone in the early stages of considering divorce. In these initial stages, divorce advice may be sought in books, through reputable websites, or through friends who have gone through divorces themselves.

The process of getting divorce advice is best started by sorting through carefully chosen websites. There are many that cater to people of every situation, though it is important that the person seeking the advice make sure that the site is reputable and is geared toward people in his or her legal jurisdiction as divorce rules vary by locale. Another place someone in the early stages of considering divorce may turn to for advice is in books on the subject written by reputable authors. Generally, any local library will carry several books containing divorce advice.


Probably the best way to obtain free divorce advice is through a friend who has gone through the process. Learning about what you are potentially going to go through entails much more than learning divorce laws. The emotional pain that typically accompanies a divorce must not be discounted and the best way of preparing yourself mentally for the process is by listening to first hand accounts from people you trust.

Upon reaching the point where the person has decided that he or she wants to get a divorce, it is almost always necessary that he or she contact a divorce attorney. While it may be an expensive process, there may be several complex legal issues to manage — especially if the divorcing couple has children or owns land together. It will likely be more costly down the road if someone tries to handle a divorce on his or her own rather than seeking the help of an attorney.

In the event that someone who is seeking a divorce is economically incapable of retaining an attorney, there are usually options for that person. Many areas have free family legal clinics that are designed to handle this very issue, along with any precipitating child custody issues. Generally, the only qualification is that the prospective client’s income falls below a threshold designated by the clinic.


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