What are the Best-Selling Mother's Day Flowers?

N. Stanley

Many people chose to send or give their mothers flowers on Mother's Day. Even children in day care and preschool often come home with little seedlings they have planted in honor of their mother for the special day. Mixed bouquets often are popular Mother's Day flowers, offering a splash of different colors and a variety of flowers. Other best sellers include roses, carnations, tulips and daffodils. Some of the more whimsical best-selling Mother's Day flowers include pompon-headed chrysanthemums, and best-selling flowers for scent include those from the Freesia genus.

Roses are popular Mother's Day flowers.
Roses are popular Mother's Day flowers.

One of the most popular Mother's Day flower ideas is to send a mixed bouquet. This allows the consumer to include a wide variety of flowers in the bouquet they want to give. Combinations are endless, allowing gift-givers to customize a bouquet as well.

Tulips are among the most popular flowers for Mother's Day bouquets.
Tulips are among the most popular flowers for Mother's Day bouquets.

Carnations also are a very popular for Mother's Day. They come in a number of colors, and each color has a different meaning. Pink carnations, for example, symbolize a mother's love, making them one of the best-selling varieties of Mother's Day flowers.

The bright yellow blossoms of Daffodils make them a popular choice for Mother's Day as well. These flowers are cheerful, and as an added bonus, they are very long lasting. They make a great flower to add into mixed bouquets as well.

Roses may be very traditional, but these flowers are symbolic as well. Roses are well-known symbols of love and come in a variety of colors. Bouquets that include a mixture of roses in different colors are some of the best-selling Mother's Day flowers.

Tulips are also very popular on Mother's Day. The blossoms are very big and are one of the fuller-looking flowers. This flower also comes in a number of colors, with pink tulips being the common color to give on Mother's Day.

Freesia is best known for its fragrance, which is widely used and copied in perfumes. Freesia is also a long lasting flower, and its scent can linger for long periods of time. Giving a bouquet of freesia, which also comes in numerous colors, gives mom the gift of a beautiful flower and aromatherapy at the same time.

Another best seller on Mother's Day is the chrysanthemum. There are many different types, but the chrysanthemum with the pompon-like head can make a fun and whimsical bouquet. There are other types that look more like daffodils and daisies.

Red roses are typically reserved for Valentine's Day, while other colors are more popular on Mother's Day.
Red roses are typically reserved for Valentine's Day, while other colors are more popular on Mother's Day.

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One of the traditions at the church I attended as a teenager was that everyone would bring in the favorite flower of his or her mother on Mother's Day. As you can imagine, there were a lot of flowers in the church on those Sundays.

The smells and the colors were almost overpowering, but in a good way. Those Sundays were some of my favorite days to go to church, and they are now the centerpiece of some of my favorite memories.


For me, red roses are Valentine's Day flowers, but I am seeing them more and more on Mother's Day. I prefer the mixed bouquets. They are pretty and so colorful when they are put together nicely.


As far back as I can remember, my mother has loved flowers, and she always had a yard and house filled with them when I was growing up. On any special occasion, I knew I could buy Mom a flower and she would be pleased with the gift.

On Mother's Day I would always buy her a plant. She didn't care for the cut flowers as much because she wanted something she cold keep as a memory of the occasion.

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