What are the Best Sciatica Cures?

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One of the best sciatica cures is to readjust the posture that may be aggravating the pain. Sleeping on a supportive mattress that does not sag and keeps the spine properly aligned could help cure sciatica as well. Placing an ice pack on the area of inflammation may be helpful during the initial flare-up. Heat may also be included on a list of sciatica cures.

A good way to utilize heat as treatment for sciatica is to place a warm, moist towel or wrap on the back. This should be kept in place for 10-15 minutes at a time. This may be repeated up to three or four times daily to help circulate the blood throughout the affected area.

Sciatica cures and remedies may vary according to the exact location and symptoms. This is because the sciatic nerve may produce symptoms of leg tingling or leg numbness along with back tingling and pain. For those suffering from recurring or frequent leg spasms and numbness, the best treatment may be to evaluate one's posture and make necessary changes. Refraining from slouching by sitting more erect in a chair, and not sitting for long periods may help cure this condition.


Some individuals find that one of the best sciatica cures is accomplished by using an ergonomically designed chair with lumbar support. This type of chair may be helpful for those who must sit for an extended period of time. Alternately, a lumbar cushion to place in back of an ordinary chair might provide enough support to the lower back to relieve sciatic pain.

A doctor may recommend a series of back exercises or stretches designed to help loosen tight muscles that swell and pinch on sensitive nerves. Asking a physician which types of stretching exercises are designed for sciatica is a good idea. In many cases, the doctor or physical therapist will give the patient a print out with diagrams depicting how to perform such exercises and stretches. It's best to do these under a physician's supervision to avoid the risk of further injury.

Some experts believe walking regularly can help strengthen the back, as well as help leg weakness and leg pain caused by sciatica. While walking, it's important to wear comfortable and supportive shoes that have plenty of cushioning. Maintaining proper posture, which includes keeping the shoulders straight and the head erect, can also help.


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