What Are the Best Resources for Learning OpenCV?

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OpenCV is a type of computer vision library that often requires some knowledge of computer programming to use. Those who are interested in this kind of software may choose to read traditional books, electronic books and websites on the topic, because it usually is possible to get a basic understanding from these resources. Some prefer to look at tutorials, which may be offered on video and may be easier to follow. An additional resource for learning OpenCV is school, as it often is possible to find a class or a similar program on the topic.

Some people choose to learn computer programming information by taking the traditional route of reading about the subject. Learning OpenCV may be possible, either buying a book on this topic or downloading one to read on a computer or other electronic device. The latter option often is the most popular, because computer languages often are updated so frequently that, by the time a traditional book is written and published, the information already may be out of date. This is why reading websites also is a popular method of learning OpenCV — because the information usually can be updated quickly, though it may not be as comprehensive as reading an entire book on the subject.


Another way of learning OpenCV is by finding tutorials created by experts on this subject. For example, some people may provide step-by-step instructions on how to properly use OpenCV, and this kind of resource often is accompanied by pictures that display each step. Some users of OpenCV also create video tutorials, which may be easier for some to follow, because some people are better at understanding steps by listening rather than by reading. Tutorials often are free, but some videos or written resources may cost money to view, especially if they are highly rated.

It also is possible to take a course on this subject, which may be best for those who are truly committed to learning OpenCV, because classes are rarely free and the casual learner may not want to pay to learn. Those looking to learn only about this type of open source software may have the best luck looking at online schools, which may allow students to take a single course on this subject. Others may offer it as part of a degree program, in which case it may be necessary to choose a major and take additional classes before learning OpenCV. Some community colleges also may offer a single course that focuses on this topic, though it often is easier to find a class that teaches other open source programs, too. Similarly, those looking to take a class at a university may have to choose one that also teaches other creative coding basics, because such schools rarely devote an entire class to one program.


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