What Are the Best Remedies for Sweaty Feet and Hands?

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Sweaty feet and hands can be either a serious medical condition or a minor and temporary annoyance. Many people go through phases in which the body sweats more than usual, often as a reflection of hormonal changes. For people who have more serious sweaty feet and hands, the disorder is sometimes the result of a serious medical condition not related to the mind. There are, of course, sweaty feet and hands that occur as a result of anxiety and other mental states as well. Depending on the cause of the excess sweat, this problem can be either very easy or very difficult to solve.

For people who are experiencing hormonal changes, the best remedy for sweaty hands and feet is to wait it out and accept the situation as a temporary inconvenience. Many, many teenagers have episodes of excess sweat in a variety of places, and most grow out of it. In informal situations, wearing trendy fingerless gloves can be a good way to mask sweaty hands if giving handshakes is embarrassing. Feet can be easily covered in thick socks at all times. When the condition is not serious, it is best to simply let the body grow out of this condition naturally.


Adults with serious sweaty feet and hands that interfere with daily life have a number of options available. Commonly, treatment with electricity can be used to stop the hands and feet from sweating, but this must be applied carefully and with instructions from a doctor. Botox injections can be used to stop the hands and feet from sweating, but this is usually reported to be painful and not always effective. Some people find that using a very strong antiperspirant is effective on the feet, but using this substance on one's hands is usually not very convenient.

There are surgical options that can be used to stop sweaty feet and hands, but these may be dangerous and are not always effective due to compensatory sweating. Surgery may disable nerves, remove sweat glands, or otherwise convince the body that sweating is not needed. While sweating may be a serious problem, dangerous surgeries should be used as a last resort due to the potential for decreased quality of life.

One of the problems with remedies for sweaty feet and hands is that not all people define excessive sweat in the same way. The best remedy may be to simply accept the situation, particularly if the sweating does not cause professional difficulties. Hypnosis and meditation may help alleviate some symptoms of excessive sweating, particularly if the problem is at least partially due to anxiety. Losing weight is also thought to reduce sweating, although this has not been comprehensively proven.


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Post 3

I have found that washing your hands with cold water and an alcohol-based soap helps to reduce excess sweating in the palms. It also makes your hands smell clean and fresh.

Post 2

Applying basic baby powder to the feet is one of the oldest remedies for the problem of sweaty feet. It works, too. Baby powder works for hands, too. All you have to do is smooth it on and rub it in until it seems to disappear. You hands will less sweaty with the easy remedy.

Post 1

I have a friend how gets Botox injections for her sweaty feet, and she has found this treatment to be very effective. She has told me that the injections don't hurt too bad, either. However, this treatment can be costly because it is hard to get insurance to pay for it.

I would recommend that anyone who has exhausted all other treatment options to talk to his or her doctor about the pros and cons of Botox injections for sweaty feet and hands.

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