What are the Best Remedies for Indigestion?

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Although indigestion can be the result of a number of causes, there are a few remedies for indigestion that can help in many cases. It is important to remember that severe, acute, or persistent indigestion all warrant professional medical attention. Some serious causes for indigestion include ulcers, stress, and diseases that either target or impact the digestive system. Because indigestion can be a symptom of serious conditions, it is important to report indigestion to a doctor if it occurs with great frequency. For mild cases, however, there are a number of remedies that can be done right at home, including staying hydrated, consuming some herbs or carbonated drinks, and avoiding stress.

There are a number of home remedies for indigestion that people have been using for years. Some people find that drinking a glass of water with a splash of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar works well to reduce indigestion. Some people prefer to drink hot water with lemon for indigestion. Teas that work as good treatments for indigestion include ginger tea and mint tea.

Ginger is also used to relieve indigestion when it is consumed in the form of ginger ale. In fact, ginger ale and other fizzy drinks such as club soda are often used for this, too. Sometimes people mix baking soda into a glass of water to make their own fizzy tonic instead of drinking bottled carbonated beverages.


There are a few eating and drinking practices that can function as preventative remedies for indigestion. Eating quickly or eating without chewing properly are both causes of indigestion, as is eating large quantities at one time. As such, people can help prevent indigestion by eating small meals, eating slowly, and being sure to chew each bite of food properly. Smoking and consuming excess alcohol can also cause indigestion, so those trying to avoid indigestion should quit smoking and consume alcohol in limited amounts.

Some basic remedies also involve reducing stress — which can trigger indigestion &mdash, getting enough sleep every night and exercising for 30-minute intervals a few times a week. Many people feel that simply taking walks aids in proper digestion. As walking can also reduce stress, getting in a few walks every week is a good way to help stave off indigestion. There are some medications and over-the-counter capsules that relieve indigestion, but people should consult a doctor or pharmacist before taking one of these remedies.


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I think that oil of licorice is a very beneficial remedy for acid indigestion. You can find it in oil or pill form at most natural food stores.

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There are many over-the-counter medications that relieve gas, reduce stomach acid, and calm indigestion. Trying different remedies for indigestion one at a time is a good way to find the one that works best for you, because not all people respond to all types of stomach medications.

For help in choosing the best over-the-counter indigestion medication, you can get quick advice from a pharmacist. As the article points out though, you should always seek a doctor's opinion if your symptoms are severe or persist.

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