What are the Best Remedies for Colic?

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The best remedies for colic start with making a baby comfortable and pain free. Colic is a medical condition that affects infants. The most common symptoms include excessive crying, pain, and discomfort in the abdominal region. It has not been determined what causes colic and there is no known cure for it. The best remedies include making sure the baby's belly is not filling with air, rocking and swaddling a colicky baby, or otherwise trying to make the infant comfortable.

It is thought that colic is a digestive problem, which includes excessive gas and pressure on the stomach area. One of the best remedies for colic is to make sure that the baby is not ingesting too much air while feeding. All bottles should be checked to make sure the holes in the nipples are not too small. This can cause a baby to swallow air. Spicy foods as well as drinks that contain caffeine can worsen the problem, so they should be avoided while breast-feeding.

There are many reasons why newborn babies cry. With colic, even after they are fed and all of their needs are met, they can still cry out for no apparent reason. One of the best remedies for colic in this situation may be to hold or comfort the child. Wrapping a baby tightly in a blanket can make the baby feel more secure and satisfied. It also helps to hold the baby in an upright position while rocking it.


Motion can also help to soothe a crying baby and it is another example of one of the best remedies for colic. Rocking a baby to sleep can help, as well as taking it for a short ride in a car. Baby swings and stroller walks are another option to calm down a baby. Background noises also seem to help. A washing machine or vacuum cleaner can sometimes work as well as motion.

The best remedies for colic include making sure all of the babies needs are met. This includes burping the baby after a feeding and making sure that it is not too warm or cold. Frequent diaper changes can also help the baby to feel more comfortable. A warm bath and quiet atmosphere is sometimes all a baby needs to feel at ease. It can also help a parent to receive help from an outside source, so that stress and anxiety does not interfere with the calming of the baby.


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When my babies had colic, I use to wrap them in warm blankets that were fresh out of the dryer. The feel of the warm blankets calmed them instantly, which turned out to be an effective home remedy for colic.

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It may sound silly, but music always helped my children when they were babies and had colic. It seemed to soothe and calm them, which in turn calmed the symptoms of their colic. For my situation and my children, music was the best natural remedy for colic, and it was free and easy to give!

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Talk to your pediatrician if your baby has colic. There are many remedies for colic, and he or she will be able to recommend the best type for your baby. Some of your options may be herbal or medication remedies, but your doctor will know best which to recommend.

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