What are the Best Pink Eye Remedies?

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Pink eye is a condition in which the eye becomes swollen, red, and irritated. Typically, it is caused by allergic reactions or viral and bacterial infections. Some of the most common forms of pink eye remedies include using a warm or cold compress, artificial tears, and chamomile tea. Individuals who do not achieve success with these homeopathic remedies typically receive prescription medications that are given in either the oral, drop, or cream form. Over-the-counter antihistamines may be another option.

One of the most common pink eye remedies involves the use of a compress. Warm compresses can be very useful in breaking up the hard crust that typically forms in pink eye. In contrast, cool compresses can help to decrease some of the swelling associated with pink eye. As pink eye is extremely contagious, compresses must be exchanged or at least washed between uses in order to prevent the spread or continuation of pink eye.

Artificial tears can also be one of the most successful pink eye remedies. Artificial tears are a non-prescription product that can be found at nearly any pharmacy or grocery store. Typically, they can be used to decrease the symptoms of burning and itching associated with pink eye. It is important that individuals who use artificial tears follow the instructions on the label of the product closely in order to achieve optimal results.


Chamomile tea is another highly effective form of pink eye remedies. Like hot compresses, chamomile tea can be effective in breaking up the hard crust that forms in pink eye. It also contains herbs that have been proved to decrease pain and discomfort associated with pink eye.

While the above pink eye remedies typically do not require guidance, there are a number of pink eye remedies that do need the supervision of a physician. Often, if patients have tried the techniques above and still have not achieved success in treating the symptoms of pink eye, doctors will recommend a prescription medication. Often, this medication is either an antiviral or antibiotic medication. Some doctors may prescribe oral medications in severe cases. The more traditional form of treatment, however, involves eye creams or eye drops that contain antibiotic or antiviral medications

Sometimes doctors will also recommend patients who suffer from pink eye to use antihistamines. Like artificial tears, antihistamines can often be found at most pharmacies or grocery stores and are sold over the counter. Like the prescription medications used to treat pink eye, antihistamines can be used in either oral or eye drop form.


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Post 3

I heard that lemon juice is great for pink eye (conjunctivitis) but I've never tried it. I think lemon might have antiviral or antibacterial properties but it will sting a lot. I'll stick to chamomile tea.

Post 2

@fBoyle-- Warm tea and coffee is great for pink eye pain and redness. It can take longer for all the symptoms, including the discharge to go away though because it's an infection. So give it a few more days and keep cleaning the eye and continue with warm compresses. If you have lubricant eye drops or an eye wash, use them to help flush out the eye.

I think the most important thing while pink eye heals is hygiene. Pink eye is highly contagious and it can easily infect the other eye. Or you could infect people around you. So wash your hands frequently. Don't touch your eye and then touch other things. Also change your pillowcase daily until the infection disappears.

Home remedies are great for pink eye relief, but if things get worse, you need to see a doctor for antibiotics.

Post 1

I have pink eye. I've been cleaning my eye with hot tea. It works as a compress and a cleanser. It has definitely helped lessen the redness but the discharge remains. I keep having to wipe my eye.

What should I do? What are some remedies for pink eye discharge?

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