What Are the Best Pageant Tips?

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Winning a pageant is often based on a participant's looks as well as her demeanor. One of the most important pageant tips is to smile, since this exudes an air of cheerful confidence. Contestants should also be personable and polite to everyone else involved in the pageant. Many pageant contestants hire a few pageant professionals, including coaches and tailors. Pageant contestants should also take special care of their bodies by eating right and exercising.

Pageant experts typically agree that, for the most part, pageant contestants should be smiling. In fact, this is one of the most common pageant tips offered by pageant coaches. Smiling helps make most people appear calm, confident, and personable, even if they aren't. Some pageant contestants also believe that smiling may make them feel more confident and less nervous as well.

Contestants should also take special care to use good manners and a friendly demeanor when they are competing in a pageant. They should be nice to pageant officials, for instance, since these are the people who make pageants run smoothly. Contestants should also be nice to their competition and possibly swap pageant tips, since a little friendliness will sometimes lead to cherished lifelong friendships. It is usually inevitable, however, that there will be at least one person with whom a pageant contestant will not get along. In this case, it is usually best to smile and not say anything at all.


Hiring a professional pageant coach is also usually a good idea, especially when competing in a very large pageant. Pageant coaches can help contestants work their way through any part of the competition. A pageant interview coach, for instance, can help coach contestants with what to say during the interview portion of a pageant. These coaches will often offer several pageant tips, such as staying abreast of current events.

Most pageants, however, are not all about a contestant's actions and demeanor. Contestants are also usually judged by how they look, and clothes are often a very important part of many pageants, particularly semi-glitz and glitz pageants. Many pageant experts advise contestants to have custom-made or tailored pageant clothes. Tailors can be hired for this, or some skilled pageant contestants can do it themselves.

Tailored pageant clothes will usually make no difference, however, if they are not on a healthy body. One of the best pageant tips that many experts give is to eat a healthy, balanced diet. An exercise routine is also recommended. It is important to look and feel healthy during a pageant.


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Post 3

I think one of the best tips is to be yourself. I think a lot of the time the girls try to think about what the judges would like to hear rather than expressing their own opinion.

And then they come out of it sounding just like all the other women who say "world peace" and giggle like a five year old. As the article says, the judges are looking for confidence and sparkle. You'll be better off with a strong opinion that you can back up, rather than some wishy washy statement that you hope they will like.

Also, don't try to be the skinniest one there. Honestly, that has to do with confidence as well. If you're completely obsessing over every ounce of fat, then you're going to be self conscious and unhealthy looking on stage. The girl who has a few extra pounds but knows how to work it will beat you every time.

Post 2

@Iluviaporos - That's good advice, although I think girls who want to compete in pageants should give themselves a couple of chances to get used to them as well. One of the things I think is valuable about competing in pageants is the confidence it can give to women who might not otherwise ever be in the spotlight.

The first few might feel very uncomfortable, because speaking and performing in front of a crowd is very scary. It's not something that comes naturally to many people. But, if the girls can overcome this fear, they will eventually feel like they can do anything and that doesn't necessarily depend on their winning either.

So, my advice would be to give it a go several times before you give up, even if you feel sick from nerves for a while. If something is hard to do, that can be a sign that it is worthwhile doing it.

Post 1

I think the best tip is to have fun. If you aren't having fun, why are you even bothering with the pageant? Having fun will mean that you'll be smiling naturally, something that everyone will notice, and that you'll naturally be kind and sweet to the people around you, which they will definitely notice!

If you aren't having fun, everything about you will be more dull. Your skin, your smile and your manners. Some people might say you should fake it until you make it and maybe that's going to work for some people. But, I think if you don't enjoy them, then just don't do them. There are many other ways for a woman to find success in her life. If you find something you love to do, you'll never work a day in your life.

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