What are the Best Natural Phlegm Remedies?

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While most people have some amount of throat phlegm at all times, an infection or virus can result in an increase in the substance. Phlegm can be very irritating to the throat, and often accompanies a loud, painful cough. Luckily, some of the best natural phlegm remedies are also some of the most effective. For best results, individuals who wish to get rid of phlegm should increase fluid intake. Inhaling hot steam has also been found to be highly effective in the treatment of phlegm. Soaking oranges in red wine overnight before eating them. can increase vitamin C intake and ease the symptoms of phlegm.

An increase in fluid intake has been found to be one of the most natural and effective phlegm remedies. While plain water can be highly effective, studies have found that when a small amount of honey or lemon is added to the water, the benefits increase even more substantially. For best results, the water should be heated to a tolerable temperature in order to provide cough relief. Drinking hot water will not only help to soothe a sore throat, but an increase in fluid intake will be highly effective in flushing the toxins associated with the phlegm from the body, thus treating the cause of the condition.


The use of steam has also been found to be one of the more highly successful phlegm remedies. Individuals who are suffering from phlegm can sit in a bathroom where the shower has been turned on to the highest heat possible, with all doors and windows shut tightly. Those who do not wish to use this technique can achieve results that are just as effective by placing hot water in a bowl, and inhaling the steam. Putting a small amount of eucalyptus oil into the shower or bowl can intensity the results of the steam bath. Typically, eucalyptus oil can be found at most grocery stores or pharmacies.

Using oranges as phlegm remedies is another highly effective form of treatment. While eating a plain, raw orange can provide some relief in the treatment of phlegm due to the increase in vitamin C, soaking them in wine overnight may prove even more effective. Individuals wishing to try this remedy should remove the orange segments from their rind and place them in a bath of red wine overnight until they are very soft to the touch. The mixture of orange juice and red wine has been found to be highly effective in soothing a sore, irritated throat.


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Post 4

Eucalyptus salve helps me when I am congested with phlegm. I've heard that it breaks up the phlegm, but mysteriously, it seems to soothe my cough, too.

When I'm coughing up phlegm at night and just can't catch my breath, rubbing this salve on my chest helps almost instantly. It goes through my skin, and I feel my chest opening up. The fumes travel upward to my nose, too, so I can breathe easier.

Maybe the salve is breaking up the large clumps of phlegm so that air can get through. All I know is that it helps me stop coughing long enough to get some rest.

Post 3

@feasting – Drinking lots of water is also one of the urinary tract infection home remedies I've tried. Water can flush out all kinds of toxins, from those trapped in phlegm to those hanging out in your urethra.

However, if the phlegm is in your lungs instead of just in your throat, you usually need something even more powerful to loosen it up. I boil a pot of water with a few drops of peppermint oil in it, and I drape a towel over my head while hanging over the pot and breathing deeply. That steam really loosens things up.

This results in lots of coughing, but that is the goal. That is how you get rid of phlegm, as unpleasant as this can be.

Post 2

Drinking a lot of water is great for getting rid of mucus in your throat. I have post-nasal drip all the time because of my allergies, but I can flush a lot of it out with water.

I don't think I could tolerate hot water with lemon or honey, but I do enjoy drinking a hot cup of lemon echinacea tea. This is supposed to be good for a sore throat, but it's also good at reducing phlegm. I sweeten it with honey to give it even more power.

Post 1

I think I would rather deal with congestion than use the phlegm cough remedy of oranges in red wine! Red wine is so bitter, and oranges are quite tart. I would imagine that the combination of these flavors would be overwhelmingly unpleasant!

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