What are the Best Natural Osteoporosis Treatments?

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The most common natural osteoporosis treatments include vitamin supplements, whole foods, and exercise. Consuming sufficient amounts of the vitamins D and K, manganese, and calcium are all effective natural ways to treat the condition. Fruits and vegetables, nuts, and soy are among the many nutrient-rich foods that can help to fight osteoporosis. Exercise, particularly any weight-bearing variety, is another key element in natural osteoporosis treatment.

Some of the best natural osteoporosis treatments can be found in food. Soy products can help restore the hormone imbalance that contributes to osteoporosis by supplementing estrogen. Brussels sprouts contain equally beneficial vitamin K and dark leafy vegetables have calcium. Nuts, whole wheat, pineapple, and spinach have manganese which is an important element in developing bones. Consuming a daily teaspoon of honey, a handful of sesame seeds, or a cup of dandelion tea with a little milk also are all effective natural osteoporosis remedies.

Though dairy products have traditionally been considered to be a strong source of calcium for osteoporosis patients, opinions differ on this class of food. Some believe that dairy continues to be an easily-accessible, effective way to get calcium naturally. Others think that dairy should be avoided, as it is not easily digested by the body, and that dark greens are a better natural source of calcium.


Vitamin D is important because it stimulates the growth of bone. Several minutes of daily exposure to the sun helps to supplement vitamin D. It can also be found in sardines, cheese, milk, and cooked greens such as collards and kale.

Though nutritious foods provide the most powerful doses of vitamins and minerals, supplements can be effective in treating osteoporosis. A mineral calcium supplement or a multi-vitamin that also includes vitamin D is the most beneficial. Both should be taken once daily with a meal.

A lack of proper exercise is often a factor in the development of osteoporosis. Any kind of movement is beneficial, though weight-bearing exercises can do the most to increase bone density. Lifting weights, walking, swimming, and yoga are all effective forms of exercise. Jumping rope and doing push-ups can also be beneficial.

There are also several things to avoid when pursuing natural osteoporosis treatment. It is important not to smoke or drink large amounts of alcohol or caffeine. Soda and excessive protein, especially that found in meat, can prevent the absorption of calcium into the bones, as can taking large doses of vitamin A.


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