What are the Best Natural Cures for Kidney Stones?

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While many people visit the doctor to cure kidney stones, there are some natural remedies available for when seeing a medical professional right away is not possible. Many of the most popular natural cures for kidney stones involve intake of certain foods, since this is usually an easy route to take. Certain herbs can also help in dissolving kidney stones, as can adding certain vitamins to the diet. Most natural cures for kidney stones are safe to use with other remedies, especially since most are not addictive or hazardous when combined with other supplements. Of course, it is usually best to seek a doctor's advice if possible before using any natural remedies, especially if one is already being treated medically.


Diet is a big factor when it comes to kidney stones, as they are known to show up in people who are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. Some people are just as opposed to vitamins in pill form as they are to prescription medication, so food products are usually considered the best natural cures for kidney stones for such people. Both apples and bran flakes are recommended since their fiber content can help eliminate oxalate and calcium in the urine, while grapes are great for improving the ability to urinate due to their high water and potassium salt content. Foods that contain a lot of magnesium, such as bananas, brown rice, barley, soy, and oats, should also be consumed regularly to prevent kidney stones from recurring.

Most natural cures for kidney stones center on herbal remedies, usually taken in pill form and purchased from a health food store. For example, Khella and Seven Barks can both allow for easier passage of small kidney stones, while the pain of passing them can be reduced with Bearberry, Cleavers, or Crampbark. Other pain associated with kidney stones, such as sharp side pains, nausea, and vomiting, can be reduced using Colocynthis, Berberis Vulgaris, and Ociumum Canum.

Some people find it easier to get the right vitamins from pills rather than food, which is why they might prefer certain supplements to recommended food products. Vitamin B6 is one supplement that is good to take, as it can reduce the amount of oxalate in the body, thereby reducing the chances of stones forming. About 25 mg of B6 daily is recommended, as is 500 mg of magnesium, as this vitamin can shrink the size of kidney stones while also preventing future stones. Potassium is another helpful vitamin to take when it comes to natural cures for kidney stones, and it is suggested that about 100 mg of this supplement be taken daily.


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