What are the Best Methods for Drywall Installation?

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Drywall installation is a fairly simple process used to secure drywall sheets to the wall. These sheets can be used to create new walls and form ceilings. There are two primary ways to secure drywall to the structure: nails and screws. A drywall installation project is a great way to improve your home and convert open space into living space.

There are small and large companies that will assist with drywall installation. These companies are often found in the renovation or construction industry, as this type of work requires skilled trades, practice, and physical skill to complete. Many drywall installation projects can be completed by the homeowner, using a little ingenuity and effort.

Although drywall can be installed with nails, the preferred method is using special drywall screws. Nails must be installed with a pressurized nail gun, they separate from the wall over time, and they can be difficult to install correctly. Drywall screws can be installed with a power screwdriver, provide a better connection, and are easier to install.

For people who are not mechanically inclined, hiring a contractor is the best method for drywall installation. Take the time to research the different firms, obtain competing quotations, check references, and view samples of prior work. Select a firm based on a combination of price and quality. Price alone is a poor criteria for decision making, as it may result in an increased overall cost if the work is poor quality and must be redone.


If you plan to install drywall yourself, it is best to secure the assistance of at least one other person. It is important to note that both people must be physically able to lift and hold drywall sheets, manage a power screwdriver, and maneuver the sheets. Although there are tools available to assist with the installation of drywall on the ceiling, the most effective way is to have at least one person help complete this task.

The first step is to identify the location of the wall studs. A wall stud is a wood or steel frame used to create a wall in a structure. Drywall is secured to the stud, which may in turn be attached to a concrete wall, or be completely freestanding. Wall studs can be located by knocking on the drywall and listening for a solid sound or by using an electronic stud finder.

Once you have located the studs, lift the drywall sheet up to the surface and use a power drill and drywall screws to attach the sheet to the stud. It is best to attach the sheets horizontally to the wall, so the longest edge is parallel to the floor. This will minimize the number of joints that will need to be plastered and painted. It will also create a stronger wall.


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