What are the Best Mantras for Wealth?

Laura M. Sands

The best mantras for wealth are the ones in which a person truly believes. A few examples of these mantras may include some variation of, “I am a money magnet”; “Prosperity is my divine right” or “Money is all around me and, therefore, readily available as I need to use it.” Wealth chants are sometimes dedicated to a religious deity, such as those offered to Lakshmi, whom Hindu adherents believe to be the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Also referred to as basic wealth affirmations, wealth mantras are not always necessarily related to a religious practice or organization.

Examples of mantras for wealth may include "I am a money magnet."
Examples of mantras for wealth may include "I am a money magnet."

Mantras for wealth are sometimes referred to as basic wealth affirmations or wealth chants. They have been respected throughout the ages by those who believe in affirmations as a way of creating wealth. Just as some have relied upon mantras for good health and chants to attract a variety of other life circumstances, many believe that mantras are also useful in attracting prosperity.

Positive affirmations can be used to recondition the human mind.
Positive affirmations can be used to recondition the human mind.

In Sanskrit, a mantra is defined as a sacred utterance. A mantra may be a sound, a word or a group of words that are repeated or chanted in order to achieve a desired outcome. In Hindu culture, as well as other philosophies, mantras are believed to possess the actual physical energy to create targeted results. An example of a Sanskrit wealth mantra is, “Om Shrim Mahalakshmiyei,” which in English translates as, “Om and salutations to that feminine energy which bestows all manner of wealth, and for which Shrim is the seed.”

In non-religious circles, the underlying philosophy of mantras for wealth is that human beings believe and, therefore, act upon the thoughts and phrases to which they repeatedly listen. Mental beliefs and thoughts are seen as powerful creative mechanisms or as building blocks for a person’s reality. Mantras for wealth are, therefore, repeated in order to condition the mind to believe that manifesting wealth is possible. For those who use them, wealth chants are seen as a way of programming or conditioning the mind for success. This mindset is also commonly referred to as a prosperity consciousness.

Motivational speakers and self-help experts also suggest mantras or positive affirmations as a way of reconditioning the human mind. For example, the art of autosuggestion, or self-hypnosis, first introduced to the world by Dr. Emile Coue in 1920 operates on the same principles as wealth mantras. Known as positive self-talk, repeating a self-affirming phrase, such as this one suggested by Coue, “Every day in every way, I'm getting better and better,” as many as 30 times per day is viewed as a way of positively conditioning the mind for success.

Mantras for wealth can be a controversial topic between those who believe in their power and those who do not. Many use pervasive poverty, especially in underdeveloped nations, as evidence against wealth mantras. Others are thoroughly convinced of the power of wealth chants and point to the financial prosperity of some who use them as evidence for wealth mantras and their effectiveness.

Positive self-talk can help increase a person's self-confidence.
Positive self-talk can help increase a person's self-confidence.

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Mind over matter. Agreed though: Faith with no works is dead.


@Icecream17 -I also wanted to add that a mantra for wealth that I have always heard involved giving to others. In fact, my mother always told me that when you give to others you will get back even more in return. I really think that it was my years of doing charity work for terminally ill children that allowed me to find the man of my life, but also to live a very happy life with no financial worries.

I have always heard that a tightly clinched fist will not allow money to come to you, but one that is wide open will which is why it is always important to give what you can to those less fortunate.


@Oasis11 -I know what you are saying but drive and opportunity also have a lot to do with it. I don’t know if these mantras for prosperity really work. Words are nice, but action and movement toward the goal that you set forth is more important because a lot of people speak in dreamy flowery language, but a year from today they will be in the exact same place maybe because they are afraid to fail so they never try.

I think that the difference between a dream and a goal is action. I think that that is a mantra for wealth.


I personally do not know if a mantra for wealth and prosperity really works, but I think that having a positive and forward thinking attitude probably does.

For example, two people that work in a fast food restaurant and look at their job differently because one sees the potential in owning the franchise while the other thinks that it is a dead end job are going to have different results.

The person that has a vision of owning a franchise sees the potential in every aspect of his current job and therefore develops a very positive outlook that would probably yield him more opportunities to grow in the future.

The person that sees the job as a dead end job will probably develop a negative attitude and either quit the job or continue to work there and develop a negative attitude toward the job. I feel that opportunities for wealth grow from a positive outlook and seeing an opportunity where other don't.

It is like that only cliché: is the glass half empty or half full?

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