What Are the Best Manscaping Tips?

Andrea Cross

Manscaping is the removal of a man's body hair for sexual, aesthetic, or athletic improvement. Some may even remove hair for cultural reasons. Whatever the cause, there are a number of manscaping tips that should be observed not only to achieve a silky-smooth area but also to avoid doing serious injury.

Some men may choose to shave their genital region completely bald.
Some men may choose to shave their genital region completely bald.

The first of many manscaping tips is that it is best not to undertake manscaping until you have a plan. Before you begin, decide on the lengths you are willing to go to. Decide which areas you want de-fuzz. This can include your face, chest, and back or even your limbs, groin, and scrotum. Then, decide how much hair you want to take off.

Trimming the hair on a man's chest is manscaping.
Trimming the hair on a man's chest is manscaping.

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The faux-natural look involves merely trimming the hair, keeping it short, neat, and tidy, and can be performed all over the body. An enhanced package focuses on shaving the testicles and the base of the penis while leaving the surrounding hair intact. Finally, you can also go completely bald. Choose what you feel comfortable with and what you will be willing to maintain.

The next of the manscaping tips is to choose your weapon carefully. Manscaping can be accomplished using a razor, wax, or depilatory creams. You can use each of these methods all over your body, with the exception of the scrotum. The scrotum must be shaved due to it being an extremely sensitive and thin-skinned area. Hair removal with wax is more painful but also takes a lot longer to grow back.

The creams, while removing hair quickly and efficiently, may cause your skin to become irritated, so do a patch test first. Laser hair removal or electrolysis also works well but can be quite expensive. If you are unsure about manscaping yourself and a friend is not willing to help you out, go to a salon. It costs more, but you are guaranteed a professional, even look, and the stylists may give you both more manscaping tips and the confidence to do it yourself the next time. If you already have enough confidence, then there are a number of home kits you can buy from the local drugstore or off the Internet.

In terms of shaving, electric razors are the least painful option for manscaping, and they keep hair nice and short. If you decide to go the old-school razor route, exfoliate first to reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs. When choosing a razor, if you are prone to razor burn, it is best to start with a single-blade one as multiple blades give a much closer shave and, subsequently, more burn. Start with a thick shaving cream, which softens the hair, making it easier to remove, and also helps the razor glide more easily over your skin.

Make sure that your razor blade is clean and sharp, and shave in the direction the hairs are growing to reduce both ingrown hairs and razor burn. Never pull skin tight when shaving because it can result in damaged skin and discoloration. After you have rinsed off any leftover shaving cream and hair, apply an aftershave to help soothe and tone your skin. Do not use an aftershave with alcohol; rather, choose one with tea tree, aloe vera, or witch hazel. Pass these manscaping tips on to your friends — you never know — they may have some of their own.

Alcohol-free aftershave products may use witch hazel as the astringent.
Alcohol-free aftershave products may use witch hazel as the astringent.

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@rundocuri- I have coarse hair and have tried using depilatory creams to remove it. They do work, but I always have to leave them on longer than recommended to get good results. This is not recommended though, and will cause skin irritation. In my opinion, when you have coarse hair, it best to skip the depilatory creams and stick to using razors.


Does anyone have experience using depilatory creams for hair removal? I'm wondering how effective they are at removing coarse, thick hair.

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