What Are the Best Layered Haircuts for round Faces?

Dorothy Bland

The wrong haircut can add width and weight to a circular face, so typically the best layered haircuts for round faces are those that make the face look narrower. It is commonly accepted that layered haircuts are considered a good fit for those with round faces because these looks tend to add definition and elongate the face. It is the style of the layered haircut, however, that really makes all the difference. Some styles add height to the crown of the head, while others make use of longer and angled layers. To get the best layered haircuts, those with this face type should consider the benefits of different hair lengths and pick a layered look that accentuates the hair's natural texture.

The shape of one's face should be considered when choosing a layered hairstyle.
The shape of one's face should be considered when choosing a layered hairstyle.

On people with short hair, the best layered haircuts for round faces can actually reduce the appearance of broad cheeks and make the entire face look slimmer as a result. Instead of adding height to the sides of the hair, people with round faces may try a layered haircut that adds height to the crown of the head. It is also a good idea for these people to try shaggy layers, off-center parting, and deep bangs that sweep off to the side to add balance and help elongate the neck. Specific haircuts to consider include an edgy pixie cut with volume and longer layers at the crown. An asymmetrical razor-cut with fringes that surround the face is another option that may balance out rounder features.

A short pixie cut might work for a woman with a round face.
A short pixie cut might work for a woman with a round face.

Individuals with round faces tend to have less defined chins and short necks, and to prevent the hairline from looking wider, the length of the layered haircut is extremely important. Due to these considerations, straight cuts such as blunt bobs cut above the chin tend to be less flattering. For a more comely look, a long angled bob that features layers starting past the ears and going down to the top of the shoulders in the front can be done.

Long hair tends to be very flattering for individuals with round faces because it draws the eyes down to minimize the fullness of the checks and the overall broadness of the face. Wispy layers starting at chin length or even lower are also usually recommended for rounded faces. These layers tend to add body to the hair to prevent limpness and avoid the bulkiness caused by excess volume on the sides. An additional benefit of choosing long layered haircuts for round faces is the ability to maintain the slim look when styling hair in up-dos. For instance, when a person with a round face pulls the hair into a ponytail, leaving out a few texturized strands or angled bangs works to complement the face.

Hair texture should come into play when considering the best layered hairstyles for round faces. For those with tight, heavy curls, some of the bulk will likely be thinned out and angled layers could be cut into the sides with tapering toward the bottom. With this style, the hair stylist can cut fewer layers in the back to keep the hair free flowing while adding bounce instead of volume to the curls. Those with looser wave patterns or women who add curls with styling tools may find that very long graduated cuts add lots of movement to the hair and can attractively frame the face.

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@heavanet- I also think that having highlights applied to the layers around the face help to make it appear longer. The lighter color seems to have a thinning effect on broad faces.


I have a round face, and I like to have my hair cut in layers that fall around the sides of my face. I keep it at a shoulder length, which also helps to elongated my face structure.

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