What are the Best Kind of Artificial Nails for Me?

Nychole Price

Artificial nails give you the appearance of having long, beautiful and nicely shaped fingernails. They are perfect for women who tend to bite their nails, as they don't break of chip easily. There are several things to consider when choosing the type of artificial nails that are best for you.

Artificial fingernails.
Artificial fingernails.

Acrylic nails are the strongest of the fake nails. They will not chip easily and are perfect for active women, when cut to a shorter length. Acrylic nails are made of monomer, a liquid acrylic, and polymer, a powdered acrylic. This variety of artificial nail material is the least expensive but, just like with all fake nails, you must get them filled every two to three weeks, depending upon nail growth.

A woman with acrylic fingernails.
A woman with acrylic fingernails.

Gel nails are made of a gel acrylic that is hardened by ultra-violet light. The manicurist spreads the gel acrylic on your natural nail plate, then has you place your hand under an ultra-violet light, where it cures. This material isn't as durable or strong as regular acrylic and shouldn't be worn by women who are active or work with their hands. It is perfect, though, for women who want a natural look to their nails. The biggest advantage to gel nails is they don't have to be filled as often as acrylic nails.

Gel nails curing under a UV light.
Gel nails curing under a UV light.

Wrap nails are the weakest type of artificial nails, but they also have the most natural appearance to them. They contain pieces of silk, linen, fiberglass or paper that are cut to the shape the customer desires. Wrap nails are recommended for women who want a thin, smooth look to their nails.

Solar nails are as strong and durable as acrylic nails and have the appear of French manicures.
Solar nails are as strong and durable as acrylic nails and have the appear of French manicures.

Solar nails are just as strong and durable as acrylic nails, but they have the appearance of a French manicure. They are made of a acrylic gel but they are as tough as the basic acrylic nails. Solar nails, when trimmed to a shorter length, are perfect for women with an active lifestyle.

The benefits to having fake nails is that many are durable and long lasting, and all of them can be painted or styled to meet the needs of every woman. The downside to having fake nails, though, is that they can be expensive to upkeep and they may cause bacterial infections or allergic reactions in some woman. Make sure to care for your artificial nails by using a cuticle oil to prevent cracking that may be caused by the chemicals in the fake nails. Cracked cuticles can result in a fungal infection.

Artificial nails are expensive to maintain and may cause bacterial infections.
Artificial nails are expensive to maintain and may cause bacterial infections.

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I work in a kitchen and am constantly holding/pinching/grabbing and moving heavy stuff, and hard gel starts to lift off my nails in anywhere between 3-10 days, but I've heard it's better than acrylic because its nonporous (won't absorb any chemicals I put my hands in) and more flexible (it won't break when in knock them around). Is that true, or should I try switching?


What is your choice of nail acrylic or gel if your hands are in water a lot?


Does anyone know if it is easy to change the color of your fake nails, or do you have to get all new ones to switch styles?

I know nail polish remover can be pretty harsh. I am just wondering if would damage acrylic or what not if you used the remover a lot.


Fake nails are great, but like the article says you have to remember to figure in maintenance costs when planning to add this to your beauty routine. I agree with @anon57379 about the acrylic being stronger. They look lovely and it usually only costs me about $20 every two to three weeks to get them touched up.

Just remember to take a break from wearing them all the time. You need to give your nails time to breathe and strengthen after having them covered for a while.

I also find it best to avoid the cheap drugstore brands as all the ones I have tried tend to fall off easily.


It is my experience with gel and acrylic is that acrylic is stronger. I have tied up horse saddles opened cans of soda and typed without breaking.

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