What Are the Best Ideas for Making a Shrimp Dip?

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When making a shrimp dip, think about its presentation as well as its flavor. There are times a cook may want to use a red sauce with a little spice to it, but on other occasions have a creamy, refreshing kind of seafood dip. Shrimp dips are often extremely versatile. Cooks can use many different types of chips, crackers, bread and vegetables as "dippers," although depending on how thick the shrimp dip is, thin potato chips aren't a good choice as they may crumble. A thicker spread may be better for breads, crackers, raw vegetables and tortilla chips rather than a thinner dip.

While some cooks mash the shrimp for a dip or spread with a potato masher, this isn't usually necessary and may ruin some of the flavor of the seafood. Using small, soft shrimp such as the canned variety and chopping it usually yields a good consistency for a dip or spread. The main indicator of how thick a shrimp dip or spread will be though is the consistency of the base. Sour cream, yogurt, cream cheese and mayonnaise can be used separately or combined to create a creamy binder for the shrimp and simply adding milk a little at a time can help achieve the desired consistency. Experimenting with different combinations of these ingredients, as well as the amount of milk used can be one of the best ideas for making a dip.


Seasonings and flavorings can vary widely in shrimp dips. A little lemon or lime juice added to a shrimp dip can really bring out the seafood taste. Minced garlic and/or onion plus freshly ground pepper may be all the flavorings needed. For a shrimp herb dip, parsley or dill can be great additions. Sliced black olives can add interesting color to a creamy shrimp dip.

Some favorite, interestingly shaped "dippers" include bread sticks, oyster crackers, miniature rye bread, broccoli florets, cherry tomatoes and blue corn tortilla chips. Remember, dippers should match the shrimp dip's consistency so there won't be too thick of a consistency for chips or too thin a consistency for spreading on bread. Placing the dip in an attractive dish in the center of a large tray with the dippers around it is classic and attractive as well as practical. If serving a thicker spread that will hold its shape, a host could use an ice cream scoop to make uniform ball shapes to place on crisp lettuce leaves in small dishes at various places on a buffet or dining table for easy access by guests. Always chill dill spread or dip at least a few hours before serving.


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A tasty appetizer or snack that is also easy to make only takes a few simple ingredients. All you need is a cup of plain yogurt, shrimp, your favorite herbs and spices, and a cucumber.

Mix the yogurt, shrimp, and seasonings together until they are completely blended together. Slice the cucumber in chips or spears to use for dipping. This easy shrimp dip tastes great with the cool cucumbers, and is as healthy as it is delicious.

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Regardless of the shrimp dip recipe you prefer, adding some pure lemon juice to it will boost its flavor and add a tangy taste that goes great with the shrimp. You can add as little or as much as you like, depending on your taste preference.

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My favorite shrimp dip recipe is served warm, and also has some type of green vegetable in it. It is easy to make, and has bold, rich flavor.

To make the perfect baked shrimp dip, all you need is shrimp, a package of cream cheese, a cup of spinach or artichokes depending on your preference, a cup of your favorite cheese, such as Parmesan or mozzarella, and 2 cups of mayonnaise. You can also add some onion or garlic if you like, and sprinkle in your favorite spices.

After you mix all of the ingredients together, bake the dip at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes, or until the top turns golden brown. After you allow the dip to cool for about 15 minutes, serve it with crackers, chips, or tortillas. It makes a great appetizer, party food, or even a meal.

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