What are the Best Ideas for Making a Decoupage Card?

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Creating a homemade decoupage card is a great way to make a special gift for someone you care about. While store bought cards can be special, they can sometimes lack a personalized touch that one may get with a crafted card. Making the card allows room for it to be tailored specifically to the recipient and for the special occasion.

The most important part of creating a decoupage card is to find images that the recipient would like to see. They do not have to be actual photographs, they can also be pictures from magazines or drawings from books. Look for pictures that represent the things or people the recipient loves the most, whether they are family members or certain animals.

Colors play a part in the final result of the decoupage card. Decide if the card will be black and white, mostly one color or a mix of any colors that complement each other. Consider doing the coloring all or mostly comprised of the recipient's favorite color.

For the lettering on the front of the card, it is best to cut the letters out of black card stock. To make sure they are more precise, trace the letters first before cutting them out. Using small scissors instead of large ones can allow for more precise cutting.


To choose a theme for the decoupage card, consider the occasion it will be for. For example, for a birthday use cutout pictures of birthday cakes, balloons and presents. For Christmas, consider a Christmas tree, ornaments and gifts. To decoupage photographs, choose ones that the recipient will want to hang up after the occasion is over.

For the card itself, use a piece of card stock. It is heavier than regular paper and can stand up to any photographs or clippings glued to the surface. There are many colors of card stock to choose from, however, consider choosing white so the handwritten words on the inside show up easily.

To put the pictures on the card, apply a sealant to the back of the items, then stick them onto the front of the folded piece of card stock. Apply them all over in a haphazard fashion or edge to edge. They can cover the entire front of the card or in a pattern so that some of the card stock is showing. After the sealant dries, stick the letters on the front of the card. After they dry, put another coat of sealant over the entire front of the card.

After finishing the decoupage card, give it plenty of time to dry before writing on the inside of it. Make the handwritten message inside just as unique and special as the card itself. Before presenting it to the recipient, take the time to double-check that all the pictures are sealed down and not curling up.


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