What Are the Best Ideas for Combining Cottage Cheese and Fruit?

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When mixed together, cottage cheese and fruit create a healthy, light meal or snack. Cottage cheese is low in calories and provides protein and calcium that you need in your diet. The type of fruit that you eat with your cottage cheese depends on your personal preference. You can actually serve cottage cheese mixed with fruit, or you can serve cottage cheese and fruit as part of the same meal but have them separate on the plate. Don't be afraid to experiment and be creative with your chosen ingredients or methods of preparation.

The easiest way to mix cottage cheese and fruit is to simply stir chopped up fruit into a cup or bowl of cottage cheese. Popular options include strawberries, blackberries and pineapples. For a change of pace, try fruits such as canned mandarin oranges or bananas, or mix a dollop of cottage cheese into an already-made fruit salad.

If you like the taste of cottage cheese but are not fond of the texture, consider pulsing it in a food processor for a few seconds. This smooths out the lumps, and you can then add a bit of sweetened yogurt, sugar, cinnamon or vanilla extract to flavor the cottage cheese. Use this as a dip for apple slices, strawberries or chunks of melon. As an alternative, add some milk, process the fruit at the same time, and serve it as a smoothie or thick shake.


Make a light dessert by mixing cottage cheese with sweetened whipped topping, then stirring in chunks of pineapples, oranges and raisins. If desired, stir in a handful of mini-marshmallows for a treat that resembles ambrosia. This can be taken further by adding sliced strawberries, blueberries, peaches or whatever fruit is available.

Finally, an easy way to serve cottage cheese and fruit is simply to offer it alongside your favorite sliced fruits. Place a bowl of cottage cheese on the table, and offer items such as sliced melon, a bowl of berries, a dish of dried fruits and several choices of whole fruit. Each person can then choose his or her favorite, along with a spoonful of cottage cheese. With the addition of whole wheat toast and perhaps a glass of orange juice, this makes a healthful, filling breakfast or light lunch.


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Post 2

From the time I was a kid, I was around gardeners that grew fresh tomatoes every summer. One of the favorite treats of the year for the family was to eat fresh, ripe tomatoes with cottage cheese. The combination is wonderful together, and the riper the tomatoes, the better the flavor of this delicious dish.

For a variation of cottage cheese and tomatoes, adding a few fresh berries or slices of applies adds to the sweetness of this refreshing, summertime treat. It makes a perfect salad or an entire meal.

Post 1

My favorite way to eat and serve cottage cheese and fruit is to place pineapple rings on top of a bowl of cottage cheese. The two flavors go great together. Also, when the juice of the pineapple slices soaks into the cottage cheese, you have a sweet-tasty treat that is great as a snack, or side dish. It also tastes great on crackers.

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