What Are the Best Ideas for a Short Ponytail?

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The best ideas for a short ponytail include varying the styles to suit the occasion and one's outfit. Purchasing attractive hair accessories such as ponytail holders and barrettes can really add to the look of these easy short hairstyles. For casual looks or warm weather ponytails, working with damp hair can usually lead to a sleeker, neater result.

Combing damp, short hair upward from the base of the neck, alternating with doing the same action to the sides, can create a neat, high ponytail. Wet hair should always be combed gently with a wide-toothed comb, rather than brushing it to avoid breaking strands. Coated ponytail elastics are best as rubber versions tend to pull the hair and cause breakage. Thicker covered or terry cloth elastics are usually best only for a looser short ponytail or to place over tighter ones first held in place with thin, coated, stretchy bands. Tiny barrettes that snap easily into the hair can be used randomly to keep stray wisps off the neck or side of the face.


Colorful plastic and metal barrettes can be ideal when a fun, casual short ponytail style is wanted. These can look cute for a day at an amusement park, for example, while also serving to keep the hair out of the eyes. For jogging, running or sports activities, a stretchy headband worn behind the ears can push larger sections of hair, such as bangs, off the face. The hairband can be used with a high ponytail so there is no hair left on the back of the neck that is likely to add to any sweating.

Pearled or jeweled barrettes can dress up a ponytail for an evening out or a special occasion. Separating the top portion of hair and securing it at the back of the head in a short ponytail, while leaving the rest to hang loose, can create an attractive look for many women. Curling the lower portion of hair and adding a fancy barrette or velvet bow can make this type of ponytail style dressy.

Creating a part from the top of the head down the back and separating each side of the hair is the start to different possible double short ponytail looks. For instance, when each side ponytail is placed high up, in a protruding fashion, it can make for a cute look that some younger women may wear well. Combing and gathering the sides of hair to make two low ponytails can also look cute, but also more mature and wearable than higher up ponytails or "pig tails."


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