What are the Best Homeopathic Sciatica Treatments?

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There are several types of homeopathic treatments that have been used to treat sciatica pain and compression including colocynth, arsenicum, and belladonna. Each one of these homeopathic sciatica treatments is used for different manifestations of the condition, and is prescribed according to the needs of each patient. Sciatica is described as the compression or impingement of the large sciatic nerve located in the middle of the glut muscles and extending into the back of the thigh. Symptoms include pain and burning sensations from the low back to the buttocks, and down the leg in some cases. Conventional medicine usually relies on anti-inflammatory drugs, exercise, and chiropractic care to relieve the common symptoms.

One of the most commonly used homeopathic sciatica treatments used is colocynth. It is believed to be most effective when the pain is severe and extends all the way down the leg into the heel. This type of sciatica may also exhibit worse symptoms when the weather or the person is cold. Some patients experience numbness and feelings of partial paralysis as well as tightness in the thigh muscles. Colocynth in the sixth potency is considered to be most effective, though the specific dosage should be determined by a homeopathic doctor.


Another natural remedy often used as a homeopathic sciatica remedy is arsenicum, and is most useful for sciatica pain that occurs at a specific time of the day, normally in the night time hours. Patients with these types of sciatic symptoms are likely to experience pain relief with gentle motions, and vigorous movement may increase their discomfort. The addition of warm or hot compacts can be used with this treatment with excellent results. This holistic treatment is considered to be one of the most effective options for sciatica pain and is known for soothing inflamed nerves.

Belladonna medications are frequently featured as effective homeopathic sciatica treatments, and are most often prescribed for patients experiencing severe pain, especially in the night hours, as well as exhibiting pain when the affected area is touched. These patients also report that pain increases with movement, but relief may be found when the patient changes position often and uses an erect posture. Warm compresses may also benefit patients experiencing this kind of sciatica pain. Much like arsenicum, belladonna contains properties that help repair the soothing coating encasing the sciatica nerve. The homeopathic doctor may prescribe other remedies to reduce inflammation in the nerve and surrounding tissues.


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Homeopathic treatments have been proven to be every bit as effective as a placebo in random blind tests. The greatest value would come from the tap water you take with it.

The theory behind Homeopathy is so preposterous it isn't even worth testing. But, of course, to satisfy those with no understanding of basic chemistry, it has been tested.

You'll find the results online. No respectable doctor would ever recommend Homeopathy unless they're treating hypochondria.

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