What are the Best Homeopathic Remedies for Night Sweats?

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As a woman begins to go through menopause, hot flashes often begin to occur. Hot flashes are feelings of sudden bursts of heat, primarily in the face and chest. These heat bursts can sometimes be accompanied by other symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness, or sweating. Hot flashes that occur at night are referred to as night sweats. Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine in which the whole person is treated, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Some homeopathic remedies for night sweats include black cohosh, natural progesterone, and vitamin E.

Black cohosh is a one of the more popular homeopathic remedies for night sweats. Black cohosh is an herb that is a member of the buttercup family and is native to North America. Studies have shown that black cohosh is not only effective in treating the symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats, but it also helps to combat insomnia and depression in women who are going through menopause.


Progesterone is a natural hormone produced by the human body. When a woman begins to go through menopause, these hormone levels can be reduced. Natural progesterone cream is one of the most successful and often used homeopathic remedies for night sweats. It is important for the patient to verify with her physician that her body is actually low in progesterone before using this as one of her homeopathic remedies for night sweats, because some women do experience increased irritability and anxiety from natural progesterone cream, especially if they do not need an increase in this hormone.

Homeopathic remedies for night sweats also include the use of vitamin E. It may take several weeks for the patient to experience a reduction in symptoms from this method of treatment. A doctor should be consulted before taking an increased dose of this vitamin, as it can have negative effects on some medications and medical conditions.

Not only is evening primrose oil among the most recommended homeopathic remedies for night sweats, but it is known to help with a variety of female issues, including PMS and breast tenderness. This treatment option also helps to promote a good night's sleep, which is something of great importance to women who are awakened often throughout the night due to night sweats.

Ginseng taken twice per day on an empty stomach is earning a spot among the popular homeopathic remedies for night sweats. When taking ginseng for night sweats, it should not be taken within two hours of eating fruit. It is also recommended to take ginseng separately from any other vitamin or supplement.


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Post 4

@andee-- Did you have your progesterone levels tested before you started taking this? When I started having these typical menopause symptoms this is one of the first things I did so I knew for sure what my body was lacking. There are things that work and you shouldn't have to go through this time feeling so miserable, but I would check with your doctor before trying something else first.

Post 3

I had to quit taking the progesterone as it gave me headaches and made me irritable. These were some of the symptoms I was trying to treat in the first place, and it seemed like it made them worse.

I always used to be cold all the time, and now I feel like I am hot day and night. This is the first time in my life that I feel comfortable sleeping with the covers off me because I am too hot.

I have a friend who uses vitamin E as treatment for hot flashes and night sweats. I am a little hesitant about trying something else again, but if I keep having these symptoms, I need to find something that works.

Post 2

Using a natural progesterone cream has helped regulate my hormones. I started out applying just a little bit of cream at night, and slowly worked my way up to more applications during the day.

Putting this on just before bed also helps with the night sweats. The nights I forget to apply this I can really tell a difference. I know there are a lot of remedies for hot flashes and night sweats out there, and I am glad that the progesterone has been working OK for me so far.

Post 1

Reading this article is timely as I have been having night sweats lately. My first menopause symptoms started out with a few hot flashes, but now I have night sweats what seems like all night long.

I toss and turn all night with the covers off, then on, and back and forth until morning. I would like to try natural remedies for hot flashes and night sweats before trying any kind of medications.

It is hard to know if my insomnia is from menopause or because the night sweats wake me up so many times during the night. I think the first thing I will try is the black cohosh. I have read in many articles how helpful it can be at providing relief for these symptoms.

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