What are the Best Homeopathic Diabetes Treatments?

Patti Kate

Finding the best homeopathic diabetes treatments may be a matter of trying different methods to see which works best for the individual. Finding ways to control diabetes may require doing research or asking a medical care professional who specializes in alternative medicine for advice. Some of the best homeopathic diabetes treatments, however, are ones that incorporate a healthy diet with adequate exercise. If necessary, lifestyle modifications may also bring positive results when incorporated into a homeopathic diabetes treatment plan. Herbal supplements, along with vitamins and minerals, may also be beneficial.

People with diabetes who change their treatment regimen should first discuss the issue with their physician.
People with diabetes who change their treatment regimen should first discuss the issue with their physician.

Diabetes management can be complex and confusing, but with the right guidance and knowledge, one can learn to control symptoms without drugs that may produce side effects. Many people look for alternative ways to control their diabetes, and the best homeopathic diabetes solutions include modifying one's diet to reduce sugar intake. Choosing natural alternatives to sugar or eating foods low in sugar often helps by lowering blood glucose levels.

Taking vitamin supplements, such as magnesium and zinc, can be a good alternative treatment for diabetes.
Taking vitamin supplements, such as magnesium and zinc, can be a good alternative treatment for diabetes.

When looking for home remedies for diabetes, it is important to remember that although using homeopathic diabetes treatment may control the symptoms significantly, it is not a cure for this condition. Many diabetics suffer from dry skin or skin irritations and sores. One natural remedy for such symptoms is uranium nitrate. This treatment may also help lower blood sugar. Phosphorus or phosphoric acid is another remedy that may work in a similar way to help control some symptoms of the disease.

Type II diabetes symptoms may be controlled by consuming more natural plant based foods. Eating foods rich in vitamin C may help reduce blood sugar levels in some individuals. Vitamin E may also be beneficial. Taking vitamin supplements or eating foods that contain those nutrients can be a good alternative treatment for diabetes. Minerals such as magnesium and zinc may also help manage diabetes symptoms.

Another alternative method for controlling diabetes includes incorporating natural ginseng into the diet. This herb may be purchased in supplement form from a health food store. Some diabetic patients notice blood sugar levels stabilizing after the use of ginseng.

It is very important for any diabetic seeking alternative treatment to first get approval from a physician. In some cases, the use of prescription drugs may be necessary and unavoidable. It may not be easy for an individual to determine how much of a particular herb or mineral to consume. Taking alternative medications without proper supervision is not recommended, as incorrect dosing can make symptoms worse. A physician who specializes in homeopathic diabetes treatment can offer guidelines on correct dosages of alternative treatments and medicines.

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Aloe vera is another excellent remedy for diabetes. I drink aloe vera juice every day and I've noticed a decrease in my blood sugar readings. Plus, aloe vera speeds up healing in the body and is good for the stomach as well.


@burcinc-- Actually, there are many people who treat and control their type 2 diabetes with diet, exercise and herbs. Type 2 diabetes can be reversed if it is caused by obesity and sedentary lifestyle. There are many natural homeopathic herbs out there that basically do what anti-diabetic medications do. They can reduce blood sugar by helping the body produce more insulin and by making insulin more sensitive to blood sugar.

For example, fenugreek is one such herb that lowers blood sugar. Neem, bitter gourd, cinnamon and ginseng are some other homeopathic diabetes treatments. Of course, a professional should be consented because all of these cannot be taken together and they can have side effects or interactions at high doses. But they are very effective for diabetes.


I completely disagree about homeopathic remedies and supplements being alternative treatments for diabetes. Although these can help control blood sugar, I think they should only be used in addition to regular treatments and only with the approval of a doctor.

It would be unrealistic to believe that vitamin supplements can control diabetes. It's also dangerous because the longer diabetes goes untreated and uncontrolled, the more damage it causes to the body's systems and organs. If someone is pre-diabetic (he or she doesn't have diabetes yet but blood sugar readings are borderline), it's possible to treat it with diet, exercise and supplements. But someone who is diagnosed with type 1 or type 1 diabetes requires medications such as insulin and/or anti-diabetic tablets.

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