What are the Best High Vitamin C Fruits?

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In order to get enough vitamin C, it is important for people to eat foods high in this nutrient on a daily basis; one good way to do this is to include high vitamin C fruits in one's diet. One of the best sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits, which can usually either be eaten or drank as juice. Many types of tropical fruits are also high in vitamin C. Certain melons are also good sources, as well as several varieties of berries.

Most types of citrus are high vitamin C fruits and are easy to incorporate into one's diet. Eating a serving of oranges or grapefruits, or drinking the juice made from them, is a good way to get enough and will typically meet the minimum daily requirement, which is recommended by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as 60 mg. Lemons and limes are also good sources, so incorporating them into dishes or drinks can help increase one's intake of the nutrient. Tangerines, a small, sweet citrus fruit somewhat similar to the orange, also have a high vitamin C content.


A variety of tropical fruits are also very high in vitamin C and can help one get at least the minimum requirement the body needs if eaten each day. Some examples of high vitamin C tropical fruits include breadfruit, mango, and passionfruit. Full servings of papaya and pineapple both provide more than 60 mg of vitamin C. The kiwifruit is another good source which provides more than 60 mg in each small fruit. Guava is extremely high in vitamin C, with around 375 mg in one serving.

Certain varieties of melon are also considered some of the best types of vitamin C fruits for meeting daily requirements. Eating a few slices of cantaloupe can help ensure the body is getting enough of the nutrient. Watermelon also contains a fairly large amount of vitamin C per slice.

There are several types of berries that are among some of the best high vitamin C fruits to eat. Strawberries provide more than 80 mg per serving. Eating raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries can all help increase vitamin C in the diet. Mulberries and gooseberries are also excellent sources, though they may be less readily available than the other varieties. One of the most impressive sources is black currants; these berries contain more than 200 mg per serving.


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I like to put vitamin c rich fruits and vegetables on a salad when I have lunch or dinner. This makes it easy and convenient to get vitamins and nutrients each day.

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There are so many delicious fruits that have high levels of vitamin c that there is not reason not to get your daily allowance of this important vitamin. I either eat fruits with vitamin c such as oranges or melon slices for breakfast, or eat them in the afternoon for healthful snacks.

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