What are the Best Herbs for Kidney Stones?

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Goldenrod, uva ursi and horsetail are just a few of the best herbs for kidney stones. Lemon juice is also effective in dissolving kidney stones. Another of the best herbs for kidney stones that has been used for generations is burdock.

While many kidney stones will naturally pass through urination, the painful symptoms felt until this happens can be excruciating. For generations, herbs for kidney stones have been used to expedite the passing of stones. Herbs are also helpful in minimizing stones deemed too large to pass.

Goldenrod is one of the best herbs for kidney stones as it is a diuretic that stimulates urination. At the same time, it is believed to help reduce inflammation. As with other herbs, goldenrod may be taken as a fluid extract, consumed as a tea or the dried leaves can be found in capsule form.

Sometimes referred to as bearberry, uva ursi is another of the most widely celebrated herbs for kidney stones, as well as for urinary tract infections in general. Prior to the popular use of antibiotics, uva ursi was commonly used to treat problems occurring in the urinary tract. It is found in most health food stores, can be purchased by online vendors in powdered form or the dried leaves can be purchased and consumed as tea.


Horsetail is also frequently using in treating kidney stones. As it contains nicotine, it is not advisable to use in children, but adults may take horsetail for dissolving kidney stones in tea form or as a supplement found in capsule form. As with any herbs, health experts recommend consulting with a physician to avoid any possible conflicts with horsetail and other drugs.

Lemon juice is one of the best natural treatments for removing kidney stones. Citrus fruits contain acid, which helps dissolve stones to a size that makes them pass more easily via urination. Lemon juice, however, is more highly recommended than other citrus juices, as it does not contain calcium, an ingredient commonly found in kidney stones.

Burdock has long been celebrated amongst herbs for kidney stones, as it serves as a diuretic and is known to help purify toxins from the bloodstream. Burdock is further believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce swelling sometimes associated with infections that accompany kidney stones. Burdock is available in teas, powders and in tinctures, which can be taken daily to help reduce the size of kidney stones.


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Post 3

@KoiwiGal - To some extent that's true, but remember that kidney stones can be dangerous. They aren't only painful, they can damage your kidneys or your ureter. So, don't just rely on the herbs and grit your teeth.

Do go to the doctor, because if there is enough of a threat to warrant it, they will take measures to break up the stones, or even operate to get them out.

Modern diets mean that the average kidney stone is probably bigger than they used to be. The herbs no doubt work well enough, but modern medicine shouldn't be discounted either.

Post 2

Make sure, as always, that you are buying your herbal supplements from reputable sources, preferably ones that have been investigated and accredited with using the right kinds of herbs and only what they mention on the box.

It's too easy to get ripped off online and it can be dangerous as well.

However, I think that kidney stones have been a scourge on humans for so long that it's hardly surprising there are some real remedy herbs for treating them. And frankly, I don't think it would do much harm as long as you're careful. Most of the time doctors aren't going to be able help you in passing kidney stones either, except to wish you luck and give you pain meds.

Post 1

The problem with kidney stones is that there are a range of different things that contribute to them. One of those things is calcium, but calcium can also help to prevent kidney stones if you have it in just the right amount.

Another of those things is vitamin C, since it is turned into oxalates in the body and they are one of the biggest kidney stone causes.

So, even though you should try to drink a lot of citrus juice (and a lot of fluids in general) only drink it fresh, since a lot of store bought ones have added vitamin C.

And try not to eat much else that has a lot of vitamin C, because you're already using up your quota on the juice.

Really you should get a diet from your doctor and stick to it rigidly, as it's very easy to make a mistake and eat or drink the wrong thing.

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