What are the Best Gift Ideas for Co-Workers?

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Giving gifts to co-workers can be a kind way to celebrate birthdays, accomplishments, or a job well done. It is important to keep workplace etiquette in mind when selecting gift ideas for co-workers, however, and to ensure that gifts are appropriate. Though it may vary a little in different offices, it is generally considered poor form to give co-workers expensive gifts, or gifts of a personal nature. Gifts for co-workers should usually be practical rather than lavish.

Gift ideas for co-workers often revolve around birthdays. One of the best gift ideas to celebrate a co-worker's birthday is simply a card and some flowers; everyone in the office can chip in, and it can help to brighten someone's day when they find the items on their desk. Some other typical office birthday gifts might be a box of chocolates, a basket of fruit, or even a bottle of wine, if you know that the person drinks.


Keep in mind that if one purchases a gift for one person's birthday, it is then poor etiquette not to purchase a small gift for everyone's birthday. One way to deal with this in the workplace is to create a monthly potluck lunch. Once a month, each person who works in the office could bring in a favorite dish or dessert item to share with everyone, and the office could chip in to get a cake to celebrate the birthdays in that month. That way, no one has to worry about coming up with birthday gifts for co-workers.

There are a few other gift ideas for co-workers as well. Cuff links can make a great gift for men. Items for one's desk, such as a business card holder, nice pen set, stationary set, clocks, or small globes can all make great office gifts as well. Keep in mind also that one is not restricted to fruit baskets when searching for gift basket ideas. There are gift baskets available to suit every taste, such as ones that include candy, pasta, gourmet foods, wine, or even bath items such as bath salts.

Some offices find that doing a gift exchange around the holiday season makes it easier for everyone. This way, each individual does not have to buy a gift for everyone else, but just for one person. In addition, each person feels included in the gift exchange, even if they do not celebrate the same holiday. Coming up with great gift ideas for co-workers can take some creativity, but it is a great way to make people feel appreciated by their friends at work.


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Post 3

@fBoyle-- Does your co-worker like to read? I think that a book is a great, inexpensive gift idea for a co-worker. If you're not sure about what type of books they enjoy reading, you can purchase a gift card for a bookstore.

I always appreciate gift cards. I like picking out my own gifts and you can never go wrong with books. One can almost always find something they like from a bookstore. Or you could get a gift card for a coffee shop. Nice and different coffee mugs make great gifts too.

Post 2

It's so difficult to select gifts for co-workers. I need an idea for a gift for a co-worker that's leaving. I don't want to buy something very expensive, but I don't want to look stingy either. Should I buy a nice pen? But that will be so cliched.

Post 1

I put together small gift baskets for my co-workers for Christmas. We are a small office of only six people, so I can afford to do a little something special for them during the holidays. My gift baskets are not lavish. I usually gift them coffee, tea, treats like cookies, chocolates and Christmas tree ornaments. They always like their baskets, it's a great way to spread some holiday cheer at the office.

For birthdays, we don't buy gifts, but we chip in money, buy cake and celebrate during lunch time or in the afternoon.

I don't think that a lot of money has to be spent on gifts for co-workers. I think that gift giving and birthday celebrations bring people together. It reinforces that we are a team and that we care for one another. I think that co-workers that celebrate together, work better together.

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