What are the Best Foods for Teething?

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The best foods for teething include semi-hard, easy-to-chew foods. Typically, a baby starts to produce teeth at six months old. These teeth arrive in pairs, usually starting with the first two on the lower middle gum and the next pair on the upper middle gum. There may be a certain amount of pressure felt on the gum area and the baby will feel the need to gnaw or bite down on something hard. The best foods for teething produce a counter pressure for the new incoming teeth, but they should not break off in larger pieces or be a choking risk for the infant.

Teething biscuits are specifically made for babies who are producing new teeth. These biscuits have a hard texture but after they have been softened by saliva, they break off into little pieces. When the baby chews on them, they are hard enough to offer counter pressure for the gums but at the same time, they are perfectly safe to suck on and lick. Teething biscuits are one of the best foods for teething babies and they come in a variety of flavors.

Crackers can be just as effective as biscuits but they do not have a very hard texture. They are mainly used if the baby’s gums are reddened and swollen. When this happens, a baby may feel discomfort or even pain around the tooth. Harder foods should be avoided during this time, until the gums return to normal.


Cold foods can also be counted as some of the best foods for teething, especially if the baby is feeling discomfort or pain. Bits of fruits or canned baby food should be placed in the refrigerator and chilled before use. This offers a bit of relief from teething pain and may even reduce swelling as well. Although chilled fruits can be very nutritious, they do contain glucose. Too much glucose in a daily diet can cause tooth decay, so they should only be used in moderation.

Hard foods such as bagels or large frozen vegetables should be avoided during the teething process and they are not good examples of the best foods for teething babies. These foods have a tendency to break off into large pieces and they pose a risk for choking. Red and swollen gums are a normal symptom of teething but they can also be a sign of an infection. A pediatrician should be seen immediately if a baby’s temperature goes above 101 degrees Fahrenhet (around 38C), while teething.


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Post 3
@literally45 - Things like raw onion and pickles are not appropriate for kids at this age. It can cause stomach upset and even diarrhea. I would recommend against that.

Many teething infants and toddlers don't feel like eating at all because of the discomfort. And cold foods are best for this. Keeping the applesauce in the fridge and feeding cold yogurt and fruit like watermelon are great ideas.

Teething biscuits and some toast work well too. Just be careful with the toast. The very small pieces can cause choking.

Post 2

@ZipLine-- That's a good baby food idea. My little one loves peach so maybe I'll do a cold peach puree for him.

Cucumber sticks are another good choice. It's the perfect hardness, not too hard and not too soft. I have a friend who gives her daughter onion slices to chew on. Apparently she likes it but I wouldn't give raw onion to my kids.

My mom said that I had tea biscuits throughout my teething period. I think that has been the go to teething food for a long time.

Post 1

My baby is having teething troubles right now. Her gums are slightly red and irritated. What I do is I put frozen mango pieces through the blender and feed it to her. She likes it a lot and it helps with the redness.

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