What are the Best Foods for Heartburn?

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The best foods for heartburn are usually very low in acid and fat content. Some typical items in a heartburn diet are apples, potatoes, carrots, lean meats, fat-free dairy products, multi-grain breads and rice. Sweets such as jelly beans, licorice, and any type of fat-free dessert are also usually considered safe to consume. These foods most likely won't cause or aggravate heartburn symptoms, but each case is different. Experimenting with different foods and writing down the effects they have on heartburn after eating could help a person with heartburn determine what foods to eat or avoid.

There are some other foods for heartburn that typically won't cause problems as long as they are consumed in moderation. Some items considered safe in moderation on the heartburn diet are berry fruits, low-acid orange juice, garlic, eggs, hot dogs, tuna or chicken salad, yogurt, cheddar cheese, granola, root beer, and ketchup.

Certain other foods for heartburn should always be avoided in most cases. People diagnosed with heartburn are typically advised to stay away from citrus fruit and juices, french fries, raw onion, ground beef, chicken nuggets, ice cream, sour cream, spaghetti with tomato sauce, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, full-fat salad dressing, potato chips, and any dessert that isn't low-fat.


Certain lifestyle changes could also lessen the occurrences of heartburn and acid reflux. Losing weight and quitting smoking take time and effort, but may have a positive impact on heartburn frequency. Smaller changes include avoiding tight clothes and belts, chewing slowly, eating six small meals a day, and not lying down to nap or sleep immediately after eating. Some people find that sleeping with the head slightly elevated at night is also beneficial. Doing this most likely works because of gravity. When a person is in a completely reclined position, it is much easier for acid to travel from the stomach up through the esophagus, resulting in heartburn.

When heartburn symptoms are severe and changes in lifestyle and diet do not seem to help, a visit to the doctor is usually recommended. GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, is common in people with extreme heartburn. There are certain medications that a doctor may prescribe to help control the symptoms of GERD. These medicines are typically stronger and more effective than the acid-blocking products available over the counter. The combination of prescribed medicine, lifestyle changes, and eating recommended foods for heartburn often positively impact GERD and its symptoms.


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Post 3

Everyone reacts slightly different to foods so it's a good idea to test them and see. I've noticed that my stomach doesn't like raw foods, so I slightly cook everything, even apples. I slice apples and cook them on low heat with the lid on. They taste great, it's like homemade apple sauce.

Post 2

@literally45-- I suffered from heartburn for several years as well, I know how you feel.

Bland foods always worked for me the best. Unfortunately, when one is suffering from chronic heartburn and acidity, it's difficult to maintain a varied diet. I had cheese sandwiches, mashed potatoes and oatmeal very often when I had heartburn. These foods never caused me problems. They have a tendency to settle the stomach and reduce acidity. The same goes for steamed rice and pasta.

As for drinks, I usually drank apple juice or mint tea. Both are very soothing and comforting for the stomach. Milk is helpful as well but try to warm it up a little bit. Avoid all types of caffeine and alcohol. They increase acidity and worsen heartburn. You can sip on warm milk throughout the day as a heartburn remedy.

Post 1

I have chronic heartburn due to acid reflux disease. I take medications and antacids for my condition but my symptoms continue. I can't enjoy most of my favorite foods and drinks anymore either. I can't have coffee or anything with tomatoes. I'm having a hard time finding safe foods for heartburn that I also enjoy. I will try some of the suggestions here though.

Does anyone else have chronic heartburn? What do you usually eat and drink?

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