What are the Best Flowers to Buy for my Girlfriend?

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Buying flowers for your girlfriend often comes down to personal taste: that of your girlfriend’s, not your own. You might purchase flowers based on their traditional meaning. Alternately, you may know certain flowers are particularly beloved by your girlfriend, which makes them the best choice.

Sometimes, certain flowers have particular memories associated with them. Perhaps on your first date, you walked through a field of wildflowers, or your girlfriend wore a dress with an iris print. In these cases, choosing irises, or wild flowers for your girlfriend suggest to her that you remember and appreciate the past. Also if giving large floral designs, think about your girlfriend’s decorating tastes. Not all flowers work equally well with certain colors.

If you plan to rely on traditional meanings when buying flowers, you can consider some of the following:

  • Hibiscus traditionally stands for delicate beauty, which can compliment your girlfriend.
  • Red roses and tulips both signify passionate love.
  • Sunflowers stand for adoration.
  • Pink roses and carnations suggest friendship.
  • White roses tend to stand for purity.

You might want to avoid buying flowers for your girlfriend that have possible negative connotations to your relationship, unless you know she loves them. For example, orange blossoms are symbolic of fertility, and rhododendrons in any color mean “beware!” Lavender is a traditional flower for the “distrustful.”


If buying flowers based on price, then a few can always be a good bargain. It costs very little to purchase several carnations and some baby's breath. Many love the clean, green scent of carnations, and they can last for several weeks.

If price is no object, you might consider purchasing flowers difficult to find at the moment. For example, finding apple blossoms in December may be hard to accomplish but may prove a special treat to a girlfriend. Roses tend to be the first choice for many, but some women may express a little annoyance at always receiving roses. They wish their significant others would branch out into a few more flowers as roses are so easy to get and so “traditional.”

Consider buying flowers for your girlfriend at a local florist instead of on the Internet. One can still have the flowers delivered if need be. However, one has a chance to look at all the beautiful variety and with the help of a florist, design a beautiful arrangement or bouquet. When you have taken time and thought to pick out flowers, one’s girlfriend is likely to appreciate the effort.

However, when time is unavailable, consider examining some of the pre-made bouquets or arrangements at the florist's or even the supermarket's floral section. Most people agree that buying any flowers for your girlfriend is better than showing up with none. Choose something that reminds you of your girlfriend’s favorite colors or a perfume she likes to wear.

A particularly romantic way of buying flowers frequently occurs in cities that have open flower stalls. If you are strolling through a city with your girlfriend and come upon such a stall, consider buying her a corsage. Such tokens may be lovingly preserved as memories of a splendid day.


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Post 2

Latte31 - I like the idea of a cookie basket but my favorite flowers are tropical flowers. I love the richness of their color and the fact that they are very unique.

I think that it is also a good idea to go to floral shop and ask about which flowers bloom when. This will help you determine which flowers you will be able in season and which ones will cost you more out of season.

I think that offering a variety of different flowers works best because you will be able to see which ones are her favorite.

For example, you may buy her roses, but she may love hydrangeas. Offering a variety of flowers is really more romantic because you had to think about what arrangement you were going to give her.

Post 1

I agree that buying flowers at a flower stand is very romantic, but buying a gift basket is too.

There is a company called Cookies by Design and they make the cutest cookie bouquets made out of homemade sugar cookies. You can even pick from several designs.

Most women as well as men love receiving thoughtfully unique gifts and this is definitely a great way to impress someone you care for.

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